Wi-Fi in Your Car: The Pros and Cons

Wi-Fi in Your Car: The Pros and Cons

Technology moves forward, are we ready to adapt or do we have a different alternative?

It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones and the internet. But in fact, many Millennials have never lived without a computer and so technology has always been a part of their lives and many products being built today, are made for Millennials. (That’s business.)

There were those that did not trust the computer, the cellphone, nor smartphones, but society is still up and running. But Wi-Fi in your car seems more dangerous than a computer in your pocket, so what are the pros and cons of this new technology?


  • Access emergency services – If anything should happen, or you are without phone signal, you will always be able to reach out and call for help with the built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Become productive – The ability to work from your car may improve your overall productivity if you did not finish that paper or report. You can answer emails and access work files to help you be more productive. All of this, to be done while you are NOT driving; it helps if you carpool.
  • What’s worse? Noises and beeps coming from your children’s devices, or the moans and groans of bored kids? For many, it’s the latter and Wi-Fi in your car will solve their boredom issue.


  • The biggest, and really only, con that carries a lot of merit is the distraction factor. Driving is already one of the most dangerous things we can do, and with the added distraction of Wi-Fi, traffic accidents will only increase which would also increase traffic-related deaths.

If you are going to purchase a car with Wi-FI it is important that you keep your eyes on the road, and only use the internet when it is safe to do so. A quality auto insurance policy will step in to cover any costs when you have the coverage that’s built for your needs! To learn more about how you can pay less for your auto insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates.