Why You Should File a Police Report After an Accident

Filing a police report after an accident will protect you and assist with your insurance claim.Why You Should File a Police Report After an Accident

It’s no secret that dealing with a car accident is a hassle, which is why it might be tempting to forgo calling the police, especially if you’ve already assessed the damage and exchanged information with the other driver. However, failing to file a police report could be a costly mistake, especially if you are not at fault for the accident. Here’s why it always pays to file a police report.

Simply exchanging contact and insurance information with the other driver is not enough to ensure that you will receive the necessary compensation to address your car’s repairs. For instance, it’s possible that the other driver has given you false information. If this is the case, then you would have no way to track the other driver down and you would be left to cover the cost of your repairs on your own.

When you call the police to the scene of the accident, they will interview involved motorists, speak to witnesses, and investigate the scene of the accident. This ensures that there is documentation about what really happened. Additionally, this will ensure that the other driver does not suddenly change their story in a way that would make it seem like you are at fault.

Perhaps most importantly, having an official police report will expedite your insurance claims process. When your insurance company can reference the information included in the police report, they can verify the conditions under which the accident took place. This, in turn, will improve your chances of receiving compensation to address your car’s repairs and any injuries you might have sustained. If you forgo the police report, you risk receiving a lower insurance payout or, worse, not receiving compensation at all.

This is why you should always file a police report after being involved in an auto accident.  Do you have further questions regarding your auto insurance?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services.  Our dedicated team is eager to get you the coverage that you need today.