Protect Your Dog and Your Kids with These Tips for Kids to Safely Interact with Dogs

Protect Your Dog and Your Kids with These Tips for Kids to Safely Interact with DogsTeach your kids how to safely interact with dogs.  

Dogs are man’s best friend. They’re loyal and make for great companions. However, despite your love for your pup, it’s important to remember that dogs are living creatures with a mind of their own. While you may think that your dog is well behaved and would never bite, you never know what certain circumstances may bring, especially when it comes to children. Help to keep kids safe around our canine companions with these tips to protect your kids. Here’s what you need to know.

Always Ask Permission.

Giving a dog a belly-rub or a gentle pat on the head is a great way to interact with a dog. However, some dogs aren’t too keen on meeting strangers. Teach your kids to always ask permission before reaching out to pet a dog. Not only must they ask the dog’s owner for permission, however, it’s important that they also ask the dog. Ask a dog for permission by placing a palm out under the dog’s nose to let him sniff. If he backs away, that means it’s best to not touch the dog.

Watch Body Language.

It’s important that you teach your kids how to read a dog’s body language. The better able you are to read a dog’s body language, the better able you are to approach a dog safely or avoid the dog all together. When a dog’s ears are down and back, for example, it’s a sign to leave the dog alone. However, when the dog’s tail is wagging and his front paws are down on the ground, it’s generally a sign that he wants to play. Teach your kids about a dog’s body language so that you can keep them safe.

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