Things That Can Void Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Avoid these activities that could result in your home insurance policy being cancelled.Things That Can Void Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

If you have homeowners insurance coverage, you might assume that you will always have this coverage so long as you continue to pay your premiums. Unfortunately, this isn’t completely accurate. There are certain things you can do that could lead to your home insurance policy being cancelled. Here are some of the things you need to avoid if you want to keep your coverage.

Committing Insurance Fraud

If your home insurance provider uncovers instances of fraud, they have the right to cancel your policy. Usually, fraud is committed when you lie on your insurance application or provide misinformation to your agent. For instance, if you were to report that your home was a single-family dwelling but there were multiple families living there, you would be flagged for fraud and your policy likely rendered void.

Filing Claims too Frequently

Filing too many claims in a short amount of time could also result in the cancellation of your policy. Usually, filing a homeowners insurance claim is a rare occurrence. However, if you file multiple claims back to back, this could cause your insurer to categorize you as a high-risk homeowner. If you are considered too risky to insure, your insurer has the right to cancel your policy.

Committing Illegal Activities

Finally, committing illegal activities within your home will result in a denial of coverage. It’s important to note that you will lose coverage even if you are not aware that these activities are taking place inside your home. Almost every homeowners insurance policy will include a clause explaining what will happen in the event that illegal activities are uncovered.

These are some of the things that can result in your homeowners insurance policy being declared void. Do you have additional questions regarding your home insurance? Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. We are ready to work with you today.