Hard Braking: The Dangers

The Dangers of Hard Braking

Hard Braking Can Cost You in Time, Money, and Health

Every driver has been taught to leave enough space between yourself and the car in front of you – around 4 seconds, or two car lengths – but new data from studies shows that you should start leaving more room.

An aggressive stop can take around 12 seconds to go from 60mph to stationary, whereas a gradual stop can take 40 seconds. The latter can cover a great deal of distance, about 4.2 football fields!

A huge contributor to hard braking is tailgating. If a car in front suddenly stops, or when something crosses your path suddenly, if there is not enough time to stop, accidents and crashes can happen. Rear-ending was the top auto claim in 2014. This shows that many cars follow too closely to the one in front leading to an accident. Due to the force of impact and the close contact, the effects can be devastating.

The average time to stop whilst driving 30mph is 14 seconds, covering 372 feet. When going 60mph it takes around 24 seconds to stop but covers over 1,260 feet, over triple the distance at 30mph.

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