Prepare Your Boat for the Upcoming Spring!

Prepare Your Boat for the Upcoming Spring!Know your boat insurance policy will serve your needs and budget.

If you love to take your boat out on the lake or ocean during the spring and summer (and part of the fall), you must be pretty excited as spring is right around the corner! Getting your boat ready to hit the water means more than just de-winterizing it and glancing at your insurance. Help your boat perform at an optimal level this year by checking off these easily forgotten tasks.

Boat insurance coverage:

  • If you’re towing your boat to the pier, are you covered for that time in the car?
  • Do you have enough coverage? Make sure to talk to your agent about “agreed value coverage.”
  • Have you updated your policy to mirror any improvements you’ve made to your boat? If you’ve added some killer speakers to your boat and they’re not listed in your policy, they won’t be covered.

Boat Preparations:

  • Check if your wipers work.
  • Fluids replaced as ordered by the owner’s manual.
  • Complete boat inspection.
  • Electronics test.
  • Safety equipment check. (Battery, anchor, life jackets)

* If you do not feel qualified to perform the aforementioned, hire a maintenance professional to come take a look.


  • Know the waters you’ll be treading through.
  • Have an extra pair of dry clothes if the water is cold.
  • Check for debris/sandbars
  • Education: review boating safety tips with your family and friends. (e.g., rescue basics, drowning signs, signs of drowning, and general boat protocol.)

Taking your boat out to sea should be relaxing and give you peace of mind as you rock up and down on the delicate waves. Should you find your boat insurance to be no enough, or need to update your insurance don’t hesitate to give us a call. To talk to an insurance expert to ensure you have the policy you need, contact Miller Insurance Associates.