Teen Driving Tips

Teen Driving TipsUsing These Guidelines For Teaching Your Teen Driver

You have probably simultaneously been dreading and dreaming of your teen’s ability to drive him or herself places without you. You will worry about your young driver on the roadways, but you will also be free of your carpool responsibilities. So you can have peace of mind when your teen gets behind the wheel, use these training tips.

  • Do gradually build your teen up to highway driving. Start in parking lots, then move to quiet neighborhoods, and continue working your way up as your driver gets more comfortable.
  • Don’t panic. Try to avoid gripping your armrest or slamming on an imaginary brake. If you are feeling freaked out, force yourself to take a deep breath and try to be gentle verbally with your young driver.
  • Do make your teen silence his or her cell phone and stash it in the center console or glove box.

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