Assure Your Motorcycle Has Proper Insurance Coverage

Assure Your Motorcycle Has Proper Insurance Coverage

For motorcycle riders, spring signals a time to get the bikes out and hit the roads. But what about insurance?

When it comes to something as important as your motorcycle, it pays to have the proper policy in place. When the earth finally reaches that point in its orbit in which the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun rather than away from it, spring has come. Like a moth to a flame, motorcycle riders almost instinctually ready their motorcycles and await that perfect spring day where they can finally come out of winter hibernation and ride on the roads once again. Before you go out and ride your motorcycle, you should know if you have the proper motorcycle insurance in place.

  1. The Required Coverages

Most states legally require all motorists to have an insurance policy in place. These laws usually require a minimum amount of liability, bodily injury, and property damage caused to other people if you are found liable for the accident. Underinsured/uninsured coverage may also be required to financially cover damages brought on by another driver who does not have enough or any insurance.

  1. The Optional Coverages

There are plenty of optional coverages which protect you from common dangers that motorcyclists encounter.

Collision – Covers the damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle.

Emergency Road Service – Covers the costs associated with roadside assistance and towing.

Comprehensive – Covers damage brought on by a non-traffic collision like fire, flood, falling object, and the like.

Accessories and Customizations – Covers the cost of replacing your accessories like safety and customized equipment that was added after the purchase of the motorcycle.

A quality motorcycle insurance policy can protect you and your bike from many unfortunate incidents! To learn more about how you can pay less for your auto insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer

Tips For Keeping Cool This SummerBeat The Heat With These Tips

The summer is finally here, offering us all a much welcome reprieve from the harsh winter we experienced in Pennsylvania this year. Unfortunately, the thermometer can swing a bit too far in the opposite direction, leaving us sweltering. To help you keep cool this summer, use these tips.

  • To avoid creating more heat in the house, opt to cook food outside on the grill, dry your clothes on a wash line (they will dry fast in the heat!), keep lights turned off except when necessary, and keep your blinds drawn during daylight hours.
  • Take a look at your outdoor condenser. Sometimes, spring growth of plants can restrict airflow, so make sure the area around your outdoor unit is clear.
  • Swap out your air filter. If your filter is not clean, it will not only make your system work harder, it can also restrict cool air from getting into your home. Air filters should be changed every few months.

To protect the home that offers you refuge from the summer heat, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Serving Carlisle and the surrounding Pennsylvania area, we are here to ensure you have the right homeowners insurance coverage this summer and beyond.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Ensuring Your Home’s Longevity

If you are one of the many homeowners who have not yet gotten around to completing your spring home maintenance, there is still a little time to prepare your home in a quick and efficient manner. Keep this spring home maintenance checklist handy to conquer these chores quickly:

  • We experienced a harsh winter this year, so it is important that you tend to your downspouts and gutters. Simply cleaning them of debris regularly can help to keep your home protected all year long.
  • Since the air conditioning will be blowing all summer long, it is time to go around and fix or replace any caulking, siding, or weather stripping that has experienced wear and tear so that your cool air is not traveling outside.
  • Call a professional roofer to inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs that leave your home vulnerable.
  • It is time to turn your sprinklers back on, so be sure to inspect them of exposed lines and leaky valves first. Now is also the perfect opportunity to adjust their reaching power so that you can replenish areas that have gone brown.

Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance needs.