Coverage For Rideshare Drivers

Are You Protected On The Roadway?

Rideshare services are becoming increasingly popular. With the rising use of companies like Lyft and Uber—which have easy-to-download Smartphone applications that summon one of their drivers when you need a ride and charge less than most cab companies—it does not seem that this service will disappear anytime soon.

Ridesharing has also become increasing controversial, as cab companies are calling for these newer companies to face the same taxes they do and insurance companies are struggling to discern exactly what kind of coverage their clients who drive for rideshare services need. Because they are using their personal vehicles, many argue that they only need personal auto insurance. The opposite view is that the commercial nature of their service means they should carry commercial auto insurance

Ultimately, the situation is still unclear, and even recent communications from the Insurance Services Office have done little to clear it up.

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