Snowplow Safety Tips For Winter!

Snowplow Safety Carlisle, PAAvoid an accident on winter roads with these tips.

Cold winter temperatures mean snow covered roads and snowplows. To help you stay safe when driving behind a snowplow this season, keep these snowplow safety tips in mind.

  • As soon as you see a snowplow up ahead, begin to slow down. Plows typically travel no faster than 20 miles per hour, so the sooner you start to slow down, the less likely you are to get into an accident.
  • Stay a safe distance behind plows. Snowplow drivers cannot see directly behind the truck, therefore staying further back gives them a better chance to see you.
  • Never pass a plow until it is safe and legal to do so. Be patient and make sure the plow driver can see you before you try to go around.
  • Never pass a snowplow on the right. Some plows have a wing flow, which is a large extension on the right side of the truck.
  • Plows remove much more than just snow from roads. They can also spread rocks and other debris. Stay a safe distance away from the plow to prevent any damage to your vehicle.

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Stay Safe With These Fall Driving Tips & Auto Insurance

Stay Safe With These Fall Driving Tips & Auto InsuranceYour Carlisle, PA auto insurance and these fall driving tips can help you stay safe on the roads this season.

Fall is in full swing, bringing a crispness to the air and your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink back to your local coffee shop. It also brings new hazards on the road, though.

Stay safe behind this season with these fall driving tips and your Carlisle, PA auto insurance.

  • Track the sun. During the fall, morning comes later and evening earlier. The sun being at a different angle can make visibility more difficult during your daily commute; make sure you keep sunglasses in your car and slow down and use your headlight during twilight hours.
  • Watch for deer. Deer are more common the road this time of year; keep a careful eye out for them!
  • Drive slowly through leaves. Wet leaves on the road prevent your tires from getting any sort of traction. If there are leaves on the road, slow down and leave extra following room.

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Staying Safe Around A Snowplow

Driving Behind a Snowplow

Remain Safe This Winter

When the roadways are impassable, snowplow drivers become our saving grace. When you are running late for a meeting, though, getting trapped behind a plow can feel like a nightmare. To help you best navigate the situation, here are some snowplow safety tips.

  • If a snowplow is on the road, conditions are likely icy. When you see a plow, slow down well in advance knowing that most plows go 20 mph or less.
  • Never pass a snowplow on the right. If you must pass, do so on the left and with extreme caution. A snowplow can be suddenly pushed left if it hits a hard snowpack.
  • When driving behind a plow, it is in your best interest to leave a large distance between yourself and the plow. Many snowplows spread deicer or other abrasive substances to make the roads easier to travel. If you car gets hit with the substance it could be problematic for your engine or ruin your paint job.

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Slowing Down Can Save Money and Lives

While most people have busy lives and are usually in a rush to get somewhere, it is important to remember to slow down. Taking a little more time when trying to get somewhere can help save you money, as well as save lives.

Getting caught speeding can end up costing you more than just the time it takes for a police officer to write you a ticket. A speeding ticket could end up causing you hundreds of dollars to pay. Speeding tickets will also cause your auto insurance premiums to go up, costing you even more money. The ticket can stay on your record for years, which means you could be paying extra every month for years. Driving at a safe pace can help you save money in all these different areas.

Speeding can also cause serious injury or death to not only you, but to other drivers around you. Speed is a factor in more than 30 percent of all fatal car crashes, and a factor in almost 20 percent of non-injury accidents. Making sure you slow down can help prevent any unnecessary injuries to you and the others who are sharing the road.

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