Say Thanks This Veterans Day

Veterans Day is almost here; how will you show your gratitude?Say Thanks This Veterans Day

On November 11th, America will celebrate Veterans Day, a national holiday dedicated to those that have served in the United States Armed Forces.  This Veterans Day, make an effort to show our veteran community that you appreciate their brave service and selfless sacrifice.  To show your gratitude, try out these suggestions to celebrate Veterans Day.

1) Donate

One of the easiest ways to get involved this Veteran’s Day is by donating to organizations that offer support and services to our veteran community.  There are many charities, such as Operation Gratitude, that accept physical donations to create care packages that they send to veterans, deployed troops, and many others.  Additionally, there are many other organizations that are deserving of your financial support, including: Homes for Our Troops, Wounded Warrior Project, DAV (Disabled American Veterans), and so many more.

2) Write

For a more hands-on way to get involved, you can write letters that thank veterans for their service.  This is a great opportunity for your friends and family to get involved as well.  Even children can do their part by drawing pictures and writing little notes.  Once all the letters are complete, take them to the nearest military or VA (Veterans Affairs) installation to be distributed.  Your words of support will let our veterans know that you care.

3) Visit

Finally, the most direct way to show your appreciation is to simply say thanks.  Almost everyone has a friend or family member that has served in the military.  This Veterans Day, reach out and do your best to express your gratitude.  If you don’t personally know anyone who has served, then consider visiting a VA hospital.  Many patients do not receive regular visitors, so spending a little time with them will brighten their day and let them know they are appreciated.

This Veterans Day, try out some of these suggestions to let our veteran community know how grateful you are.  We at Miller Insurance would like to extend our thanks to all our veterans, active service members, and families of military members.  Your brave sacrifices make you true American heroes.

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