Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS)The future of driving is now, and with the ADAS, you can decrease your chances of an accident.

Driving is an incredibly dangerous practice that many Americans and people around the world partake in every single day. Driving in itself isn’t dangerous, but rather, it’s the ones who drive that make it dangerous. People are terrible drivers. Slow reaction times, irrational decisions, and distractions all contribute to the awfulness of human driving. As technology advances every single day, it becomes more and more integrated into our lives. As usual, it’s technology that’s coming to the rescue. Advanced Drivers Assistance System, or ADAS, is making driving a safer practice to save more human lives and have less traffic-related fatalities. Here is what you need to know.

How popular are ADAS safety features presently?

ADAS features are available in the most common and newer vehicles, not just the premium models. Today, there are 800+ ADAS windshield SKUs in the marketplace.

How is the ADAS camera recalibrated?

Nearly all vehicle brands sold in the U.S. that have the ADAS installed require camera recalibration after the windshield is replaced. There are two kinds of recalibration methods that are based on the car’s make and model requirements:

  • Static: The vehicle is parked at a predetermined distance from an object, most likely a target board. A diagnostic tool is connected to the car, which then tells the car to do a complete recalibration of the camera.
  • Dynamic: A diagnostic tool is attached to the car, which is then driven by a technician on a well-marked road within recommended parameters for which the system completes the recalibration.

Is the recalibration part of the glass claim?


A quality auto insurance policy, with comprehensive coverage, should step in to cover any costs relating to windshield damage and the ADAS! To learn more about how you can pay less for your auto insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

How Dangerous is Distracted Driving

Keep your hands on the wheel and stay alert!

Keep your hands on the wheel and stay alert!

All of us have gotten distracted at one point or another without realizing how dangerous it actually was.

Highway safety experts put the blame on inattentive drivers for approximately 80 percent of all car accidents. Most distracted drivers only take their eyes off the road for only a few seconds, which may not sound like it’ll do much, but has real life consequences. So with just a few seconds of extra attentiveness, we could eliminate approximately 80 percent of all car crashes around the U.S.

But how can a few seconds be responsible for 80 percent of all crashes? In our everyday lives, not a lot can happen when you’re walking forward. These are speeds which we have been accustomed to (3 to 6 mph). When we’re driving, we’re pushing speeds of to 30-70 mph! Our perception of time and distance is altered. Within a few seconds, we’ve travelled the distance of a football field, something that would take us a little under a minute to traverse! That’s a lot of room for error.

So by keeping your eyes on the road for the entire length of your drive, you eliminate any room for error.

It’s not just our phones, though . . .

We all know that texting and driving is a dangerous and lethal combination. But it’s not just our phones that cause distractions.

  • Adjusting the radio or other dashboard devices
  • Listening to, looking at, or adjusting GPS navigation systems
  • Reading signs and looking at “TV-style” billboards
  • Handling kids in the back seat
  • Catching a falling beverage cup
  • Eating/snacking while driving
  • Simply daydreaming or just listening to the radio

Keeping your eyes on the road is the smart thing to do. Being a safe driver will help you avoid high auto insurance premiums! To learn more about how you can pay less for your auto insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

4 Questions to Ask If You Keep Guns in the House.

There are an estimated 300 million firearms in U.S. homes, and, logically, the more guns there are, the chances for gun-related incidents greatly increase. “It will never happen in my home,’ says every gun owner before it happens in their home. If you own a gun, and you keep it in your house, ask yourself these questions to prevent a gun-related accident.

  • Is my firearm locked and loaded? Whenever you are not using your gun, your gun should be unloaded and placed in a secure location, away from child access.
  • Where’s the ammo? Keeping your ammunition separate from the gun itself is a way to greatly reduce an accident. Especially if the ammunition is locked.
  • How much does my family know? Everyone in the house should know that you are keeping a firearm. And remind your children never to touch guns—no matter whose house they are in.
  • Does my insurance cover me? Homeowners policies may cover accidental and negligent acts, but they generally do not cover intentional ones. Meaning, if you shoot someone, even in self-defense, you won’t be covered .

With accidents like these, you want to make sure that all your guns are covered—otherwise you could end up being in loads of trouble. Instead, ensure that you will not face hardship from an accident. You can buy that peace of mind! For your all-encompassing  insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!

Prepare Your Boat for the Upcoming Spring!

Prepare Your Boat for the Upcoming Spring!Know your boat insurance policy will serve your needs and budget.

If you love to take your boat out on the lake or ocean during the spring and summer (and part of the fall), you must be pretty excited as spring is right around the corner! Getting your boat ready to hit the water means more than just de-winterizing it and glancing at your insurance. Help your boat perform at an optimal level this year by checking off these easily forgotten tasks.

Boat insurance coverage:

  • If you’re towing your boat to the pier, are you covered for that time in the car?
  • Do you have enough coverage? Make sure to talk to your agent about “agreed value coverage.”
  • Have you updated your policy to mirror any improvements you’ve made to your boat? If you’ve added some killer speakers to your boat and they’re not listed in your policy, they won’t be covered.

Boat Preparations:

  • Check if your wipers work.
  • Fluids replaced as ordered by the owner’s manual.
  • Complete boat inspection.
  • Electronics test.
  • Safety equipment check. (Battery, anchor, life jackets)

* If you do not feel qualified to perform the aforementioned, hire a maintenance professional to come take a look.


  • Know the waters you’ll be treading through.
  • Have an extra pair of dry clothes if the water is cold.
  • Check for debris/sandbars
  • Education: review boating safety tips with your family and friends. (e.g., rescue basics, drowning signs, signs of drowning, and general boat protocol.)

Taking your boat out to sea should be relaxing and give you peace of mind as you rock up and down on the delicate waves. Should you find your boat insurance to be no enough, or need to update your insurance don’t hesitate to give us a call. To talk to an insurance expert to ensure you have the policy you need, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Household Items That Are Poisonous to Pets!

Hazards To Pets Within The HomeEnsure the safety of your beloved pet by keeping clear of these items.

From scraps to whole meals, dogs and cats have a tendency to eat anything in the house that they can. Unfortunately, some of these items, which may seem harmless, are incredibly dangerous for our furry friends to encounter. From household items to houseplants, keep these poisonous, all too often lethal items away from your pets.

  • Ibuprofen: This medicine can inhibit the blood flow to the kidneys and attacks the stomach lining of pets. Cats are more sensitive to ibuprofen poisoning – a single 200mg tablet could be fatal! Keep your medicines tucked away and take extra caution when handling this bottle.
  • Cocoa Mulch: Cocoa mulch comes from cocoa shells, so it’s no surprise that it’s as deadly as chocolate. The caffeine and theobromine are highly toxic for dogs, should they decide to nibble on the mulch in the garden. Avoid using any of this mulch.
  • Azaleas: Steer clear of this bloom! The Azalea bushes contain grayanotoxin, which is poisonous even in small quantities.
  • Antifreeze: This has a deceptively sweet taste and smell which can tempt your dogs and cats to lap up the liquid. This is a silent killer and can be instantly lethal! Store this well out of the way of any prying paws and take extra caution when handling it.

If you suspect that your pet has accidentally ingested any of these household substances, contact your local vet immediately! Luckily, pet insurance can cover the cost of life-saving veterinary care for your pets so you can always protect them. Visit Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the quality pet insurance that you and your furry friend deserve!

It’s Almost Fire Prevention Week!

It's Almost Fire Prevention Week!Observe Fire Prevention Week by checking your smoke alarms.

For over two decades, the National Fire Protection Association has commemorated Fire Prevention Week in an effort to reduce the number of preventable fire deaths that occur each year. This year, this important week falls from October 4th to October 10th.

This year, the theme is, “Hear the beep where you sleep.” The ultimate goal is to make sure that every room of your home is near enough to a smoke alarm that it would wake people in a deep sleep.

Almost half of home fire deaths happen between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. If we can work together to make sure every home has enough working smoke alarms, we can help significantly reduce that statistic. If you have a working smoke alarm in your home where you can hear it, you slash your risk of dying in a reported fire in half!

During this week, check your smoke alarms and make sure they can be heard in every room of your house.

After you and your family get to safety, you shouldn’t have to worry about the damage a fire will do to your home. The good news is you won’t have to with the right Carlisle, PA homeowners insurance policy! For more information, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Labor Day Safety Tips

Labor Day Safety TipsEnjoy Labor Day Weekend in safety with these handy tips.

Can you believe it’s already almost Labor Day weekend? The summer flew by, and we’re already facing the holiday that traditionally marks its end. Fortunately, most of us will get an extra day off work to soften the blow.

So you can enjoy your Labor Day weekend with your family without worry, here are a few safety tips for you to use.

  • Plan Ahead: Traffic is likely to pick up over the holiday weekend, so make sure you leave with plenty of travel time and consider taking side streets and alternate routes to get to your destination. If you’ll be celebrating the holiday with drinks, name a designated driver in advance.
  • Supervise: Wherever your kids are playing over the weekend, make sure you or someone else is keeping an eye on them. This is especially important in the pool and near a hot grill.
  • Be Prepared: Speaking of grilling, make sure you’re equipped for a flare-up by keeping a spray bottle of water and fire extinguisher nearby. The water can douse a small flame without ruining dinner.

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend! For all of your insurance needs in Carlisle and the rest of Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!