Toys and Treats: The Best Your Pets Can Chew

Toys and Treats: The Best Your Pets Can ChewKeep your furry friends entertained and safe with these excellent chew toys.

Pets are family members; like any other member of your family you want to make sure they are safe, and since dogs and cats will put anything in their mouth, it’s important that what they do put in their mouth is safe for them. Here are some thoughts from the Humane Society of the U.S. to help you make wise choices when buying chew toys for your pets.

Dog Safety

  • Balls are the most basic toy out there and the most common. One handy rule of thumb is to watch for your dog’s yawn. You don’t want to buy a ball that will slip through and get stuck in their windpipe. Purchase a ball that’s 10 percent larger than their throat to avoid the worst-case scenario.
  • Careful with any toys with squeakers as they could get caught in the dog’s throat. They are also incredibly annoying at 10:00 PM and you’re trying to read or watch TV.
  • Make sure that your toys are durable for strong chewers. Toys filled with beads and fluff can harm the dog.

Cat Safety

  • Luckily for you cat owners, cats are easy to please. A simple box, a crumpled-up paper ball, a toilet paper roll. A cat can find pretty much anything entertaining.
  • If you choose to play with a laser pointer, be sure to reward your cat after a good play session. There are some that believe that never catching the point of light frustrates the cat.
  • String, ribbon, yarn, and dental floss should all be kept out of reach from a cat. They love to chew and swallow these items which then makes for an awkward removal process out the other end.

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Getting Grilling? Use These Safety Tips

Fire Safety TipsHow To Grill Safely This Summer

With the extra warmth and longer days the summer offers, the last thing you want to do after a day in the office is head inside to get dinner ready. Fortunately, grilling offers you the opportunity to craft a nutritious meal for your family while enjoying some fresh air. Before you fire up your grill, though, review these safety tips.

  • Keep Your Distance: Ensure that your grill is at least ten feet away from your home, porch, or other structure that could catch flames. Also, check that there are no dry trees or shrubs nearby.
  • Clean Up Crew: After your meal is done, wait until the grill cools and clean your racks. It will only take you a minute to do, but can avoid a major flare up caused by residual fats and grease.
  • Stay Supervised: Never leave your grill unattended. If you need to step away for a minute, ask another competent adult to man the flames.

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Biking With Peace Of Mind

Biking Safety Tips

Whether you and the kids are biking around the neighborhood or venturing out to the roads, there are a few essential safety tips that must be followed at all times. Avoid accidents by keeping these vital safety tips in mind:

  • The importance of wearing a properly fitted helmet cannot be stressed enough. There is no point in wearing a helmet that will fall off of your head during an accident.
  • Make a habit to check your equipment before each ride. This means inflating the tires and checking the brakes.
  • Stick to the rule “see and be seen,” as this is extremely important no matter where you are riding. You cannot simply assume that motorists see you.
  • It is best to avoid riding your bike at night if at all possible.
  • Even though you are on your bike, it is important that you watch for road hazards so that you can take proper precautions. Keep an eye out for broken glass, potholes, dogs, and gravel.

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