Reasons to Consider Renters Insurance

Reasons to Consider Renters InsuranceIf your initial reaction to renters insurance is to scoff at the very idea, perhaps you need to reread the benefits of renters insurance to get a clear understanding of the policy.

It does not take an expert with a Ph.D. in economics to see the gross distribution of wealth that currently plagues the U.S. This has forced many people to rent properties, rather than buy. But where people would normally purchase homeowners insurance, people all but refuse to purchase renters insurance. People believe their reasons justify their actions, but these justifications are based on false assumptions and misconceptions. Here are a few reasons as to why you should purchase rental insurance and include the expense into your budget.

  1. It’s cheaper than you probably think. Many people have it in their heads that renters insurance is an expensive coverage to own. This mentality has made over half of all renters to forgo renters insurance! But the truth is that renters insurance is rather cheap–generally less than refueling your car!*
  2. Better to be safe than sorry. An old expression that many of us take for granted. But despite how long this saying has been around, it doesn’t make it any less true. Your landlord may have insurance for falls and property damage, but what about your stuff? Your TV, game console, clothes, jewelry, computer, et cetera are all in danger without the proper renters insurance policy.
  3. A budget will be better for it. A budget allows you to allocate certain funds to sustain a way of life. A disruption in this cycle can force you to live on scarce materials, and a fire or theft can cause such a disruption. Live with peace of mind with a quality renters insurance.

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*This is under the assumption you own a gas-powered vehicle.

Is Your Rental Home Protected?

Renters Insurance Carlisle PAImportance of a Renter’s Insurance Policy

Renting a home is a great way to have a space of your own, especially if you cannot yet afford to buy a house. There are many responsibilities that come with renting a home, including making sure that you have the right renter’s insurance policy to provide protection for all of your assets.

Renter’s insurance is one of the most affordable insurance policies available. However, many renters choose not to invest in the policy. The main reason people do not invest in a renter’s insurance policy is because they think that their landlord’s insurance policy will provide them with protection from any peril. A landlord’s insurance policy will only provide coverage for the actual structure of the home, not for any of your assets that you keep inside. The only way to ensure that all of your belongings are protected from any unfortunate situation is to invest in the right renter’s insurance policy.

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Keep College Students Covered With Renters Insurance

For many, back to school time means sending your kids away for college. Sending your college students away without coverage can make some parents uneasy but that’s what renters insurance is for. Renters insurance will assure that any damage or expensive school supplies are covered while your college student is away in temporary housing.

Sending your kid away with a stranger can have it’s repercussions so it’s best to be prepared. Renters insurance has your college student covered for any damage caused by theft, fire, water, or vandalism.

Renters insurance can reimburse you in two ways, actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. With actual cash value coverage you will be reimbursed for the market price of your item.  Replacement cost coverage is a little more expensive but will cover the cost of replacing your item with a new one.

Finding the right coverage depends on a few factors. Your best option would be to let a professional help you find the perfect coverage to keep your college student and his or her personal property safe.

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