Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

4 Questions to Ask If You Keep Guns in the House.

There are an estimated 300 million firearms in U.S. homes, and, logically, the more guns there are, the chances for gun-related incidents greatly increase. “It will never happen in my home,’ says every gun owner before it happens in their home. If you own a gun, and you keep it in your house, ask yourself these questions to prevent a gun-related accident.

  • Is my firearm locked and loaded? Whenever you are not using your gun, your gun should be unloaded and placed in a secure location, away from child access.
  • Where’s the ammo? Keeping your ammunition separate from the gun itself is a way to greatly reduce an accident. Especially if the ammunition is locked.
  • How much does my family know? Everyone in the house should know that you are keeping a firearm. And remind your children never to touch guns—no matter whose house they are in.
  • Does my insurance cover me? Homeowners policies may cover accidental and negligent acts, but they generally do not cover intentional ones. Meaning, if you shoot someone, even in self-defense, you won’t be covered .

With accidents like these, you want to make sure that all your guns are covered—otherwise you could end up being in loads of trouble. Instead, ensure that you will not face hardship from an accident. You can buy that peace of mind! For your all-encompassing  insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!

Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?

Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?Your homeowners insurance policy offers an additional protection: additional living expenses.

As a responsible homeowner and family member, you’ve purchased a homeowners insurance to protect the equity you’ve built in your home and to safeguard your family against financial burden. That policy would step in after a disaster, helping you rebuild and replace your personal property, ultimately preserving your quality of life.

If you’ve thought through that full scenario, though, you’ve probably realized there’s another expense your family could face. While your home is being rebuilt, you may need stay in a hotel. As that bill adds up, could you handle it?

You won’t have to! Your homeowners insurance policy contains additional living expenses coverage, which will not only cover the housing costs you incur while unable to live in your home, it can even pick up the tab for the extra money you spend on food without your kitchen!

To learn more about how your additional living expenses coverage can protect your family, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team is here to make sure you know how to make the most of all the benefits your homeowners insurance policy offers!

Tips to Stay Safe During a Hailstorm

Hailstorms can be one of the most destructive natural disasters. With more than 3,000 hailstorms in the United States each year, it is important to make sure you know how to protect yourself and your assets during a hailstorm, especially if you are caught in your vehicle. Follow these tips to ensure you stay safe during the next hailstorm.

  • Keep a blanket in your car at all times. It can help protect you from being injured by shattered glass if hail breaks your windows.
  • Slow down and turn on your low-beam lights.
  • Keep extra distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you to ensure you have enough braking room.
  • Change your radio station to a local news station to stay up to date on the status of the storm.
  • Pull over to the side of the road and stop if there is enough room to do so safely on the shoulder if conditions are not safe to drive in.
  • Turn on your hazard lights, whether you are still driving or if you are stopped on the side of the road to make your vehicle more visible.
  • If there is any covered shelter around, pull your vehicle underneath to help reduce the amount of damage to your vehicle.

It is also important to ensure that you have the proper auto insurance to cover your vehicle from acts of nature and those situations that can damage your vehicle. Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle Pennsylvania for all of your auto insurance needs.