How Will Protection Class Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

How Will Protection Class Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

Many unsuspecting homeowners who move to a new neighborhood are confused when they are faced with a hefty premium increase. Each home is classified by a unique protection class, which can end up costing you depending on where you move.

Insurance Services Organization (ISO) evaluates the unique risk factors of fires occurring in a particular area and assigns a Public Protection Class (PPC) number accordingly. The higher the number your home receives, the more you will pay for homeowners insurance.

By evaluating your home’s distance to a fire hydrant and a fire station, in combination with the staffing of the local fire department, ISO will determine your home’s risk factor, and assign a PPC number accordingly.

Therefore, your premium increase is a result of moving to an area that is more likely to experience a fire related disaster. In safeguarding their own assets as a company, premium increases occur.

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