How to Find Your Lost Life Insurance Policy

How to Find Your Lost Life Insurance Policy

When your loved one passes away, finding their life insurance policy can be a time-consuming and frustrating ordeal.

When a client loses someone dear to them, they may be expecting a life insurance policy death benefit to help them through this hard time. Sometimes, however, the life insurance policy can become lost. But how, you may be asking, can an insurance company simply lose such a policy? Don’t they have a digital system in which everything is kept? Very likely, but there are various reasons a policy may become lost. If the policy of your deceased loved one got lost in the taverns of a life insurance company, here are a few tips on how you can locate that policy.

Why Benefits Go Unclaimed

Lost life insurance policies don’t happen because of an evil corporate business man. The reasons are actually not very grandiose. Some carriers may merge, while other times the beneficiary is unaware of the policy.

How to Find a Policy

  1. Contact the Employer – If the deceased was employed during their death, an employer-sponsored life insurance policy may be in place and the employer is simply waiting for you to claim the death benefit.
  2. Check That the Insurance Company Remains Active – When a policy gets lost, it is often because the insurance company that held the policy was absorbed or bought out by another company. Contact your state’s Insurance Department to find out what happened to your insurance company.
  3. Try the MIB Database –  This is a consortium of life and health insurers that contains every policy ever written since 1996.

To find your life insurance policy that is affordable and comprehensible, contact Miller Insurance Agency, Inc. in Carlisle. We’re happy to help you with the policy that you and your family need!

Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

Gun Safety in Carlisle, PA!

4 Questions to Ask If You Keep Guns in the House.

There are an estimated 300 million firearms in U.S. homes, and, logically, the more guns there are, the chances for gun-related incidents greatly increase. “It will never happen in my home,’ says every gun owner before it happens in their home. If you own a gun, and you keep it in your house, ask yourself these questions to prevent a gun-related accident.

  • Is my firearm locked and loaded? Whenever you are not using your gun, your gun should be unloaded and placed in a secure location, away from child access.
  • Where’s the ammo? Keeping your ammunition separate from the gun itself is a way to greatly reduce an accident. Especially if the ammunition is locked.
  • How much does my family know? Everyone in the house should know that you are keeping a firearm. And remind your children never to touch guns—no matter whose house they are in.
  • Does my insurance cover me? Homeowners policies may cover accidental and negligent acts, but they generally do not cover intentional ones. Meaning, if you shoot someone, even in self-defense, you won’t be covered .

With accidents like these, you want to make sure that all your guns are covered—otherwise you could end up being in loads of trouble. Instead, ensure that you will not face hardship from an accident. You can buy that peace of mind! For your all-encompassing  insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!

Heat Efficiency in Your Home

Heat Efficiency in Your HomeEfficiency makes the world go round, how efficiently do you use your heat?

Many homeowners look at their energy bill each month around winter time and think, how can I be spending this much when the house isn’t even that warm? The answer to this question lies within the answer to other questions. Questions based on efficiency and heat transfer will get you to efficiently use the heat in your home to lower your energy bill.

  • When is the heater on? If you’re keeping the house at the same temperature all day and night, your energy bill is going to skyrocket. Program your heater to a lower temperature while you’re at work, and to heat when you get home.
  • Am I maintaining my system? Changing the air filter is extremely important to keep the efficiency at optimal level. A dirty filter can cause the heater to exert itself more than it has to and use more energy to heat your home.
  • Where is the warm air going? The universe always moves towards a state of high entropy, meaning disorder. Chaos. When you pour cream into your coffee the cream doesn’t stay in one spot, no, it disperses itself throughout the entire mug. The same concept applies: the warm (high-energy) air wants to move outside of your home and disperse within the outdoors. If your home is not properly insulated, heat will escape and keep the cold air continuing its flow into your home.

For the quality home insurance coverage that your home needs and deserves, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Be sure to secure your home’s year-round protection with our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team! 

Spring Into Safety, Not the Emergency Room

Spring Into Safety, Not the Emergency Room

You may have the heart of a lion, but do you have the body to go with it?

Ah, nothing quite like the smell of spring in the air: flowers blooming, warm air, and a nice breeze. For most, it’s a sign telling them there’s no more excuse to be a couch potato anymore, and time go outside and workout! But going from professional lazy person to amateur active person can go from bad to worse in no time. Your body needs time to catch up with your mind to develop the proper muscles. Also, lungs need to remember how to breathe under stress, and everything else that comes with being active. Don’t become sedentary after you’ve started working out. Follow the following pre-workout procedure to give yourself the best chance to remain active.

Warm up before working out. Those winter muscles need to be loosened up before being exposed to a brand new workout regiment that involves more than moving your video game thumbs.

Pace yourself. “No pain! No gain!” As motivating as it may be, there are certain pains that are detrimental to your body that may end up being very serious. If you feel sharp or repetitive pains, take a break and consult your doctor on what treatment options are available, to see if you need a brace to prevent the pain from coming back. Icing the area may help speed up the process.

Use proper sunblock. While it may not seem necessary, or “cool,” exposing your skin to the bear sun may lead to skin cancer which is even less cool than taking the time to put on sunblock. The science also shows that getting anything above SPF 50 is unnecessary.

For more tips on how to remain healthy during your workouts, and for all of your  needs to help you start feeling your best, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Cover Your Assets with an Umbrella Policy

Umbrella Insurance Carlisle PAConsider your need for umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance that’s designed to protect you from major claims and lawsuits that may arise. This, in turn, protects your assets. While many people believe that an umbrella insurance policy is only for the rich and wealthy, umbrella insurance is becoming more important and affordable for everyone!

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability coverage to your existing home, auto, and boat insurance policies. This protection kicks in when the liability on these other policies have been exhausted. In addition, it provides coverage for claims that may be excluded by other liability policies including false arrest, libel, and slander.

Some coverages that an umbrella policy offers are:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Owners of rental units
  • Slander
  • Libel
  • False arrest, detention, or imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Shock/mental anguish

Say you were to get in an auto accident, and the cost of injuries that you cause to others is $500,000. If your Bodily Injury limit on your auto insurance policy is $300,000, you could be faced with huge financial loss for the remaining $200,000. Alternatively, your umbrella insurance policy would handle the remaining costs up to the limit that you choose.

With accidents like these, no one can predict when they will need financial assistance. Instead, ensure that you will not face hardship from an accident. You can buy that peace of mind! For your all-encompassing umbrella insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!

Questions To Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Questions To Ask Your Life Insurance AgentTalk to your life insurance agent about these questions before you buy a policy.

When you buy a life insurance policy, you do so to protect your loved ones. It’s important, then, that you work with a life insurance agent who understands—and supports—that goal. To help you find the right life insurance agent, ask these questions.

  • How do I reach you? Ask your agent about his or her preferred means of communication (e.g. email, phone, text) and make sure it matches yours. Also, ask how regularly he or she will be in touch. A good agent should have a habit of reaching out to evaluate and update your policy.
  • What does this mean? If there’s a question of your policy that’s confusing, ask your agent to explain it. He or she should be able to do so in a way that gives your complete clarity.
  • Are you an independent agent? To make sure your family has the policy options it needs, work with an independent agent—who works with multiple providers—rather than a captive agent who will only show you coverage options from one provider.

If you’re ready to sit down with an agent dedicated to helping you get a great life insurance policy paired with great service, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania today!

Protection By Your Pool: Summer Safety Tips

Pool Insurance Carlisle PAEnjoy A Stress-Free Summer With This Guide

As a pool owner, you look forward to the summer. Not only does it mean you get a reprieve from the harsh Pennsylvania winter we just experienced, it also means you can soak up some sun and relax in your own yard. So that you can enjoy your summer poolside without worry, implement these pool safety tips.

  • So that no one ever falls into your pool by accident, erect a perimeter fence around it that is at least four feet high and has a self-closing, self-latching gate.
  • Use touch supervision with small children. In other words, never be further than an arm’s reach away from those who are still learning to swim, even when they are using flotation devices.
  • Invest in plastic cups to use by the pool so no broken glass ever ends up poolside—or, worse yet, in the pool—where people are likely to be barefoot.
  • Keep flotation devices, reach poles, and a first aid kit where they can be easily access in an emergency.

Another crucial aspect of setting protections in place as a pool owner is ensuring your Carlisle homeowners insurance offers sufficient coverage. To talk to an insurance expert to ensure you have the policy you need, contact Miller Insurance Associates.