Toys and Treats: The Best Your Pets Can Chew

Toys and Treats: The Best Your Pets Can ChewKeep your furry friends entertained and safe with these excellent chew toys.

Pets are family members; like any other member of your family you want to make sure they are safe, and since dogs and cats will put anything in their mouth, it’s important that what they do put in their mouth is safe for them. Here are some thoughts from the Humane Society of the U.S. to help you make wise choices when buying chew toys for your pets.

Dog Safety

  • Balls are the most basic toy out there and the most common. One handy rule of thumb is to watch for your dog’s yawn. You don’t want to buy a ball that will slip through and get stuck in their windpipe. Purchase a ball that’s 10 percent larger than their throat to avoid the worst-case scenario.
  • Careful with any toys with squeakers as they could get caught in the dog’s throat. They are also incredibly annoying at 10:00 PM and you’re trying to read or watch TV.
  • Make sure that your toys are durable for strong chewers. Toys filled with beads and fluff can harm the dog.

Cat Safety

  • Luckily for you cat owners, cats are easy to please. A simple box, a crumpled-up paper ball, a toilet paper roll. A cat can find pretty much anything entertaining.
  • If you choose to play with a laser pointer, be sure to reward your cat after a good play session. There are some that believe that never catching the point of light frustrates the cat.
  • String, ribbon, yarn, and dental floss should all be kept out of reach from a cat. They love to chew and swallow these items which then makes for an awkward removal process out the other end.

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Household Items That Are Poisonous to Pets!

Hazards To Pets Within The HomeEnsure the safety of your beloved pet by keeping clear of these items.

From scraps to whole meals, dogs and cats have a tendency to eat anything in the house that they can. Unfortunately, some of these items, which may seem harmless, are incredibly dangerous for our furry friends to encounter. From household items to houseplants, keep these poisonous, all too often lethal items away from your pets.

  • Ibuprofen: This medicine can inhibit the blood flow to the kidneys and attacks the stomach lining of pets. Cats are more sensitive to ibuprofen poisoning – a single 200mg tablet could be fatal! Keep your medicines tucked away and take extra caution when handling this bottle.
  • Cocoa Mulch: Cocoa mulch comes from cocoa shells, so it’s no surprise that it’s as deadly as chocolate. The caffeine and theobromine are highly toxic for dogs, should they decide to nibble on the mulch in the garden. Avoid using any of this mulch.
  • Azaleas: Steer clear of this bloom! The Azalea bushes contain grayanotoxin, which is poisonous even in small quantities.
  • Antifreeze: This has a deceptively sweet taste and smell which can tempt your dogs and cats to lap up the liquid. This is a silent killer and can be instantly lethal! Store this well out of the way of any prying paws and take extra caution when handling it.

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Protecting Your Pet: Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Carlisle PASafeguard Your Furry Family Member With This Coverage

As the housing and job markets make full recoveries, more and more Americans are having opportunities to own their own homes. That means that more people can get the pets for which they have been longing without having to worry about violating the terms of their lease.

At least partially because of this, pet insurance is on the rise. In fact, pet insurance experts say that there should be a 12.6 percent revenue increase in their market in 2015 over 2014. Why? Because more and more pet owners are learning that they can get the care their pets need without financial burden by investing in a pet insurance policy.

If you want to ensure that you are never facing the difficult situation of having to choose between the pricey procedure your pet needs and protecting your financial future, consider taking out your own pet insurance policy. This type of coverage can safeguard both your pet and your pocketbook.

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