Lawn Mower Safety Tips For Homeowners

Avoiding Lawn Mower Accidents

With the coming of spring, your lawn has likely flourished and is ready to be trimmed. When mowing your lawn yourself, it is important that you keep these important lawn mower safety tips in mind:

  • NEVER let children under the age of 16 operate a lawn mower. It is also important that you do not invite them to ride as a passenger if you have a ride-on mower.
  • You must prepare yourself for this chore as you cannot just jump on and get going right away. You must put the proper shoes on that provide you with protection, and wear tight fitting clothes that will not pose a risk. Also, be sure to wear the proper eye and hearing protection.
  • Put all of your house pets inside and tell your children to remain indoors when mowing the lawn. This is the best precaution for avoiding accidents.
  • Most importantly, remain aware of your surroundings while mowing the lawn. While you may view this as a simple chore where nothing go wrong, it is best to be cautious than sorry.

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