Celebrating Pet Fire Safety Day

Celebrating Pet Fire Safety DayJuly 15th Is Pet Fire Safety Day

For over a decade, conscientious pet owners have been celebrating Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th. Together the Kennel Club and ADT Security Services helped create this holiday, and years later it is providing pet owners the opportunity to ensure their furry family members will be cared for in the event of a fire.

To help you protect your pet, here are a few tips.

  • Make sure each pet has one designated family member who will help get him or her out in the event of a fire. That family member should learn all of that pet’s hiding places.
  • Put a Pet Alert sticker with the number of pets you keep in the house on your front door or window. Pet stores and shelters carry these stickers, which will alert emergency responders that there are pets inside that need care.
  • Have a friend or family member who has agreed to care for your pet should you be relocated somewhere that is not pet-friendly after a fire.

We hope you use Pet Fire Safety Day as a reminder to set safeguards in place for your pet! To set up safeguards for the home you share, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle. We are here to meet all of your Pennsylvania homeowners insurance needs.