Teen Driving Tips

Teen Driving TipsUsing These Guidelines For Teaching Your Teen Driver

You have probably simultaneously been dreading and dreaming of your teen’s ability to drive him or herself places without you. You will worry about your young driver on the roadways, but you will also be free of your carpool responsibilities. So you can have peace of mind when your teen gets behind the wheel, use these training tips.

  • Do gradually build your teen up to highway driving. Start in parking lots, then move to quiet neighborhoods, and continue working your way up as your driver gets more comfortable.
  • Don’t panic. Try to avoid gripping your armrest or slamming on an imaginary brake. If you are feeling freaked out, force yourself to take a deep breath and try to be gentle verbally with your young driver.
  • Do make your teen silence his or her cell phone and stash it in the center console or glove box.

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What Is Critical Thinking?

What Is Critical Thinking?How Businesses Are Defining This Sought-After Trait

The business world is constantly changing as commercial enterprises strive to keep up to date on current trends. One of the ways industries shift is by adjusting the characteristics for which they are looking in employees. Indeed.com reports that one such characteristic—critical thinking—has doubled in popularity in the last six years. What, exactly, is this skill?

Definitions vary depending on the employer and type of business, but the general consensus seems to be that employers are looking for employees who will be able to take the information presented to them and analyze it to come to a creative, successful solution.

As an employer, this skill is so important because you need your employees to be able to act independently in a way in which you can have faith. As an employee, this skill makes you an invaluable resource to your company.

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How Cold Weather Affects Car Thieves

How Cold Weather Affects Car ThievesWhy The Winter Increases Your Risk Of Theft

The weather outside is frightful, but your home is nice and warm. You may as well let your car run for a couple of minutes to warm up before hopping in, right?

Wrong. Leaving your car running tips thieves off, and makes their job much easier for them. An idling car will always attract the attention of a car thief, and because many people use their one set of keys to keep the car running thieves know that odds are in their favor that they will find your car unlocked.

Even if you are careful and lock your car with a second set of keys, a car thief has the skills to break in past your security system. After that, you have very conveniently left him or her with your keys in the ignition, primed for a getaway.

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Healthy Winter Recipe: White Bean Chili

Healthy Winter Recipe: White Bean ChiliWhite Bean Chili Recipe

The wintertime is great for hearty stews and delicious soups to keep you warm and full. This recipe is a more heart healthy alternative to some of the regular winter recipes and it is sure to be a new favorite dish!


  • 1 bag of dried white beans
  • 2 Oso sweet onions
  • ½ cup of chopped garlic
  • 1 pound of ground chicken or turkey
  • 1 cup of chopped celery
  • 1 teaspoon of oregano
  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • 2 large de-seeded mile green chilies
  • 2 quarts of chicken stock or water
  • 2 teaspoons of cumin


  • Sauté the onions, garlic, celery, chilies, and meat for 10 minutes on a medium heat.
  • Add half of the chicken stock, the oregano, cumin, and salt and pepper (to taste) and simmer for 45 minutes.
  • Combine all the ingredients in a crock-pot or large pot, adding the remaining chicken stock and the white beans. Bring to a boil before simmering for about 8 hours (typically overnight)
  • Serve and enjoy!

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Eating Healthy Does Not Have To Break The Bank

Eating Healthy Does Not Have To Break The BankHealthy Eating On A Budget

Eating healthy can be time consuming and it can be costly. Those healthier ingredients in your shopping cart can cost a pretty penny. Good news: it is still possible to eat healthy if you are on a budget! Here are some tips to stick to your budget and still eat healthy.

  • Fresh produce and juices are an easy way to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Frozen juice concentrates can be a more affordable alternative to buying fresh produce and juices that have an expiration date. With more juice manufacturers adding fruit and vegetable juices to their offered frozen concentrates, it is becoming increasingly more accessible for people on any budget.
  • Merge your healthcare budget with your food budget, because eating healthy is a form of preventative health care. If you eat healthier, you are generally healthier so doctor’s visits are less frequent.
  • Avoid buying in bulk because many items do not last. You may have to make more trips to the store for fresh food, but you will cut back on wasting the food you buy, which saves you money in the long run.

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Keep Your Kids Hydrated!

Keep Your Kids Hydrated!Children Hydration Tips

Water makes up a good portion of our adult bodies, and the same is true for kids. Hydration is a key factor in maintaining health. Children may be small but they have a large need for water, possibly even more than adults. It is recommended that children drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Here are some tips to keep up the hydration!

  • Make water available: An easy way to create good hydration habits in children is to make water available. Keeping a pitcher of cool water in the fridge or having water bottles handy is a good way to make sure that your child is drinking enough water.
  • Set an example: If you are drinking water throughout the day, your children are more likely to as well. Parents set examples for their kids, so simply drinking water yourself is an easy way to encourage your children to hydrate properly.
  • Water-rich foods: If these other options are just not doing the trick, you can always serve foods that contain a lot of water. Watermelon and other fruit are great water-packed foods that can help keep your little ones hydrated.

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Help Those In Need In Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Help Those In Need In Carlisle, PennsylvaniaGiving Back With Safe Harbour

Giving back to those in need is a great way to celebrate the holidays and a great way to live life all year round. Help Safe Harbour serve the homeless and the potentially homeless in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is a non-profit organization that strives to provide housing services for all the homeless of Cumberland County. Safe Harbour operates an emergency shelter for families and single females who need a suitable environment to get back on their feet and get their lives under control again. They also offer more long-term assistance through a bridge program that helps homeless individuals develop skills that will help them live independently and productively. Permanent housing facilities are also available through Safe Harbour for people who need more support but are ready to live independently.

Miller Insurance Associates has contributed to the Safe Harbour shelter for the holiday season and are currently implementing a program to continue their support throughout the New Year. For more information about how you can help, click here.

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