When Do I Need to Update My Home Insurance?

Updating Your Home Insurance Carlisle PAHomeowners should protect their home with accurate insurance coverage.

When it comes to taking care of your large asset, your home, there’s more than enough to do to keep busy! Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to forget the most protective, most helpful precaution – home insurance. This coverage is designed to protect your home and assets in the event of a disaster.

Below are some circumstances in which you should review your home insurance coverage to ensure that are continuously protected.

A New Home
Coverage for your home is imperative. If you buy a new home, be sure that you receive the insurance that covers your home’s estimated reconstruction costs and not its current market value.

Whether you’re renewing your bathroom or adding an outside deck, major home renovations usually boost your home’s value. This value should be reflected in your insurance coverage. Be sure to update your insurance when you update your home.

New Purchases
If you have recently bought a pricey TV or a flashy necklace, talk to your insurance agent. While your home insurance can cover valuables against loss or theft, coverage is only provided up to a certain limit.

Lifestyle Changes
Certain life events may alter your assets and risk tolerance, which can change how much insurance coverage you want. For example, if you have retired or quit smoking you may be eligible to receive a discount on your insurance.

Now that you know when to update your home insurance, ensure that you have the proper coverage at the present time. Contact Miller Insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for all of your insurance needs.

Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?

Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?Your homeowners insurance policy offers an additional protection: additional living expenses.

As a responsible homeowner and family member, you’ve purchased a homeowners insurance to protect the equity you’ve built in your home and to safeguard your family against financial burden. That policy would step in after a disaster, helping you rebuild and replace your personal property, ultimately preserving your quality of life.

If you’ve thought through that full scenario, though, you’ve probably realized there’s another expense your family could face. While your home is being rebuilt, you may need stay in a hotel. As that bill adds up, could you handle it?

You won’t have to! Your homeowners insurance policy contains additional living expenses coverage, which will not only cover the housing costs you incur while unable to live in your home, it can even pick up the tab for the extra money you spend on food without your kitchen!

To learn more about how your additional living expenses coverage can protect your family, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team is here to make sure you know how to make the most of all the benefits your homeowners insurance policy offers!

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Ensuring Your Home’s Longevity

If you are one of the many homeowners who have not yet gotten around to completing your spring home maintenance, there is still a little time to prepare your home in a quick and efficient manner. Keep this spring home maintenance checklist handy to conquer these chores quickly:

  • We experienced a harsh winter this year, so it is important that you tend to your downspouts and gutters. Simply cleaning them of debris regularly can help to keep your home protected all year long.
  • Since the air conditioning will be blowing all summer long, it is time to go around and fix or replace any caulking, siding, or weather stripping that has experienced wear and tear so that your cool air is not traveling outside.
  • Call a professional roofer to inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs that leave your home vulnerable.
  • It is time to turn your sprinklers back on, so be sure to inspect them of exposed lines and leaky valves first. Now is also the perfect opportunity to adjust their reaching power so that you can replenish areas that have gone brown.

Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance needs.

How Will Protection Class Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

How Will Protection Class Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

Many unsuspecting homeowners who move to a new neighborhood are confused when they are faced with a hefty premium increase. Each home is classified by a unique protection class, which can end up costing you depending on where you move.

Insurance Services Organization (ISO) evaluates the unique risk factors of fires occurring in a particular area and assigns a Public Protection Class (PPC) number accordingly. The higher the number your home receives, the more you will pay for homeowners insurance.

By evaluating your home’s distance to a fire hydrant and a fire station, in combination with the staffing of the local fire department, ISO will determine your home’s risk factor, and assign a PPC number accordingly.

Therefore, your premium increase is a result of moving to an area that is more likely to experience a fire related disaster. In safeguarding their own assets as a company, premium increases occur.

Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your Pennsylvania homeowners’ insurance needs. Allow us to tell you how your move will affect your homeowners’ insurance premium so that you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises after you get settled.