Homeowner Precaution Against Radon

Radon Zones in Pennsylvania

Since radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., it is important for homeowners to know their risks against this odorless, tasteless, and invisible cancer-causing radioactive gas. Smoking inside the home increases radon levels, but the county you live in also has a direct impact. Since 67 counties in Pennsylvania are in Zones 1 and 2, it is important that you know your vulnerability.

Radon Zones in Pennsylvania:

  • Zone 1 – Counties that fall under Zone 1 have the highest level of radon and have a screening level of more than 4 pCi/L. Pennsylvania currently has 50 counties in this zone.
  • Zone 2 – Counties that fall under Zone 2 have moderate potential, with an average indoor radon screening level that falls between 2 and 4 4 pCi/L. Pennsylvania has 17 counties that fall under Zone 2.
  • Zone 3 – In Pennsylvania, there is only one county that has an average indoor radon screening of less than 2 4 pCi/L.

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