American Heart Month: A Month to Raise Awareness

American Heart Month: A Month to Raise AwarenessHeart is where the health is, and as the leading killer of men and women in the U.S., it is important you know how to keep your heart healthy.

Along with Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, February is also American Heart Month which aims to raise awareness about heart health. Visiting your doctor, exercise, and eating right are the perfect first steps you can take to better assure that you have a healthy heart. Let’s go more in-depth about why these actions can lead to a healthier heart.

  1. Visit your doctor.
    You should visit your doctor at least once a year to do a regular check-up. Medical professionals can detect any irregularities in your heart. Early detection is crucial as adjustments to your diet and exercise routine can be done in order to procure a positive result.
  2. Exercise regularly.
    Your muscles need exercise in order to remain strong and healthy. Your heart is no exception to this rule. Start off by walking 15 minutes three times a week, and then increase this to 30 minutes three to four times a week. Swimming and cycling are exercises you can practice that are excellent for your heart, and considered to be low-impact sports.
  3. Eat more vegetables–less meat. 
    Red meat has carcinogenic effects that debilitate your heart. Limit your meat consumption to once a week; this is beneficial to your heart and to the environment as livestock are the fifth-largest producers of greenhouse gasses.

This February and 2017, make an effort to get your heart healthy! These helpful tips may get you on the right track to a healthy heart; talk to your doctor for professional medical advice about what you can do for your heart. For your all-encompassing insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!

Spring Into Safety, Not the Emergency Room

Spring Into Safety, Not the Emergency Room

You may have the heart of a lion, but do you have the body to go with it?

Ah, nothing quite like the smell of spring in the air: flowers blooming, warm air, and a nice breeze. For most, it’s a sign telling them there’s no more excuse to be a couch potato anymore, and time go outside and workout! But going from professional lazy person to amateur active person can go from bad to worse in no time. Your body needs time to catch up with your mind to develop the proper muscles. Also, lungs need to remember how to breathe under stress, and everything else that comes with being active. Don’t become sedentary after you’ve started working out. Follow the following pre-workout procedure to give yourself the best chance to remain active.

Warm up before working out. Those winter muscles need to be loosened up before being exposed to a brand new workout regiment that involves more than moving your video game thumbs.

Pace yourself. “No pain! No gain!” As motivating as it may be, there are certain pains that are detrimental to your body that may end up being very serious. If you feel sharp or repetitive pains, take a break and consult your doctor on what treatment options are available, to see if you need a brace to prevent the pain from coming back. Icing the area may help speed up the process.

Use proper sunblock. While it may not seem necessary, or “cool,” exposing your skin to the bear sun may lead to skin cancer which is even less cool than taking the time to put on sunblock. The science also shows that getting anything above SPF 50 is unnecessary.

For more tips on how to remain healthy during your workouts, and for all of your  needs to help you start feeling your best, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Eating Healthy Does Not Have To Break The Bank

Eating Healthy Does Not Have To Break The BankHealthy Eating On A Budget

Eating healthy can be time consuming and it can be costly. Those healthier ingredients in your shopping cart can cost a pretty penny. Good news: it is still possible to eat healthy if you are on a budget! Here are some tips to stick to your budget and still eat healthy.

  • Fresh produce and juices are an easy way to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Frozen juice concentrates can be a more affordable alternative to buying fresh produce and juices that have an expiration date. With more juice manufacturers adding fruit and vegetable juices to their offered frozen concentrates, it is becoming increasingly more accessible for people on any budget.
  • Merge your healthcare budget with your food budget, because eating healthy is a form of preventative health care. If you eat healthier, you are generally healthier so doctor’s visits are less frequent.
  • Avoid buying in bulk because many items do not last. You may have to make more trips to the store for fresh food, but you will cut back on wasting the food you buy, which saves you money in the long run.

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Keep Your Kids Hydrated!

Keep Your Kids Hydrated!Children Hydration Tips

Water makes up a good portion of our adult bodies, and the same is true for kids. Hydration is a key factor in maintaining health. Children may be small but they have a large need for water, possibly even more than adults. It is recommended that children drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Here are some tips to keep up the hydration!

  • Make water available: An easy way to create good hydration habits in children is to make water available. Keeping a pitcher of cool water in the fridge or having water bottles handy is a good way to make sure that your child is drinking enough water.
  • Set an example: If you are drinking water throughout the day, your children are more likely to as well. Parents set examples for their kids, so simply drinking water yourself is an easy way to encourage your children to hydrate properly.
  • Water-rich foods: If these other options are just not doing the trick, you can always serve foods that contain a lot of water. Watermelon and other fruit are great water-packed foods that can help keep your little ones hydrated.

Keep these tips for keeping your kids properly hydrated in mind. Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your health insurance needs in Pennsylvania.