No Health Insurance? Know The Risks

Risks of Being UninsuredThe Risks You Take by Being Uninsured

If you do not have health insurance, you should understand the risks and the costs associated with being uninsured.

Medical bills can be exorbitant if you have a serious accident or illness. These bills would be unmanageable without any sort of health insurance. You will also face a tax penalty which could be as much as 2.5% of your yearly earnings.

It goes without saying that being uninsured will put your health at risk. You will have less access to effective preventative care, as well as limited choices of treatment should you fall ill or injured.

If you support your loved ones financially, they will suffer if you fall ill and have health care bills to pay. They will also suffer financially if they help you with medical bills. Even worse, if your health declines because you cannot get care due to being uninsured, they will see you get weaker and deteriorate.

If you contribute to society by raising children, volunteering, neighborhood watching, and supporting friends and family emotionally, and you fall ill, most likely you will not be able to continue positive reinforcements. Also, if you become disabled because you don’t have access to health care, not only does society pay your disability payments, but it loses out on your future productive contributions.

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