It’s Almost Fire Prevention Week!

It's Almost Fire Prevention Week!Observe Fire Prevention Week by checking your smoke alarms.

For over two decades, the National Fire Protection Association has commemorated Fire Prevention Week in an effort to reduce the number of preventable fire deaths that occur each year. This year, this important week falls from October 4th to October 10th.

This year, the theme is, “Hear the beep where you sleep.” The ultimate goal is to make sure that every room of your home is near enough to a smoke alarm that it would wake people in a deep sleep.

Almost half of home fire deaths happen between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. If we can work together to make sure every home has enough working smoke alarms, we can help significantly reduce that statistic. If you have a working smoke alarm in your home where you can hear it, you slash your risk of dying in a reported fire in half!

During this week, check your smoke alarms and make sure they can be heard in every room of your house.

After you and your family get to safety, you shouldn’t have to worry about the damage a fire will do to your home. The good news is you won’t have to with the right Carlisle, PA homeowners insurance policy! For more information, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Celebrating Pet Fire Safety Day

Celebrating Pet Fire Safety DayJuly 15th Is Pet Fire Safety Day

For over a decade, conscientious pet owners have been celebrating Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th. Together the Kennel Club and ADT Security Services helped create this holiday, and years later it is providing pet owners the opportunity to ensure their furry family members will be cared for in the event of a fire.

To help you protect your pet, here are a few tips.

  • Make sure each pet has one designated family member who will help get him or her out in the event of a fire. That family member should learn all of that pet’s hiding places.
  • Put a Pet Alert sticker with the number of pets you keep in the house on your front door or window. Pet stores and shelters carry these stickers, which will alert emergency responders that there are pets inside that need care.
  • Have a friend or family member who has agreed to care for your pet should you be relocated somewhere that is not pet-friendly after a fire.

We hope you use Pet Fire Safety Day as a reminder to set safeguards in place for your pet! To set up safeguards for the home you share, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle. We are here to meet all of your Pennsylvania homeowners insurance needs.

Getting Grilling? Use These Safety Tips

Fire Safety TipsHow To Grill Safely This Summer

With the extra warmth and longer days the summer offers, the last thing you want to do after a day in the office is head inside to get dinner ready. Fortunately, grilling offers you the opportunity to craft a nutritious meal for your family while enjoying some fresh air. Before you fire up your grill, though, review these safety tips.

  • Keep Your Distance: Ensure that your grill is at least ten feet away from your home, porch, or other structure that could catch flames. Also, check that there are no dry trees or shrubs nearby.
  • Clean Up Crew: After your meal is done, wait until the grill cools and clean your racks. It will only take you a minute to do, but can avoid a major flare up caused by residual fats and grease.
  • Stay Supervised: Never leave your grill unattended. If you need to step away for a minute, ask another competent adult to man the flames.

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It’s National Fire Prevention Month!

It's National Fire Prevention Month!

October is National Fire Prevention Month and the best time to make sure you and your family are prepared in case of a fire. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you know what to do if you ever experience one.

  • Install fire alarms throughout your home, especially outside all bedrooms. Make sure to check them once a month to ensure that they’re working properly.
  • Create an escape plan that includes at least two escape routes from each room in your home. Practice the plan twice a year to make sure everyone knows what to do.
  • If you’re trying to escape your home that’s filled with smoke, stay as low as possible to the ground. If you can, cover your nose and mouth with a piece of clothing.
  • Once you’re outside, make sure to get to a safe distance away from your house and call the fire department.

Also, make sure to mark your calendar for Carlisle’s 19th Century Firehouse Walking Tour on October 18th to visit all the historic firehouses in the city.

Fire Prevention Month is also the perfect time to look over your homeowners’ insurance policy to be sure you have adequate coverage in case of a fire. Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for all of your homeowners’ insurance needs.

Secret Danger Lurking in Your Junk Drawer

Most people have a junk drawer in their home. It is an easy place to store all the little things that do not have a specific place in your home. While throwing many different things into the junk drawer, it is important to keep fire safety in mind.

Most people do not think that typical 9-volt batteries are cause for concern. However, if they are simply thrown into a junk drawer with flammable material, such as a note pad, they can cause a huge problem. The positive and negative contact points of the battery are on the same side, which can easily start a fire if they come in contact with any metal object, such as a paperclip or key. The spark that can be caused by this connection can easily ignite any flammable material that is also in the drawer, such as tissues or paper.

If you are storing your batteries in your junk drawer, try to keep them in the original case. If that is not an option, wrap the positive and negative posts with electrical tape. Although other types of batteries, such as AA or AAA batteries are not as likely to cause a fire, it is important to make sure they are stored safely as well.

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