Labor Day Safety Tips

Labor Day Safety TipsEnjoy Labor Day Weekend in safety with these handy tips.

Can you believe it’s already almost Labor Day weekend? The summer flew by, and we’re already facing the holiday that traditionally marks its end. Fortunately, most of us will get an extra day off work to soften the blow.

So you can enjoy your Labor Day weekend with your family without worry, here are a few safety tips for you to use.

  • Plan Ahead: Traffic is likely to pick up over the holiday weekend, so make sure you leave with plenty of travel time and consider taking side streets and alternate routes to get to your destination. If you’ll be celebrating the holiday with drinks, name a designated driver in advance.
  • Supervise: Wherever your kids are playing over the weekend, make sure you or someone else is keeping an eye on them. This is especially important in the pool and near a hot grill.
  • Be Prepared: Speaking of grilling, make sure you’re equipped for a flare-up by keeping a spray bottle of water and fire extinguisher nearby. The water can douse a small flame without ruining dinner.

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend! For all of your insurance needs in Carlisle and the rest of Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!