Helpful Advice For What To Do After A Car Accident

Car Accident Reporting Tips

Getting in an accident is never an easy experience, but if it is your first one it can be downright frightening. To ensure that you can handle this experience with efficiency and ease, we have gathered some helpful advice for what to do after a car accident:

  • If anyone is injured, you must call 911 immediately. If nobody is injured, simply call the local police or fire department so that you can report your accident.
  • While you may think it is best to keep the scene of the accident intact, it is safest and most courteous to pull over to exchange information.
  • In exchanging information, you will want to collect and give out the following: name, address, driver license number and state of issue, make of all involved vehicles, phone number to all involved, including witnesses, insurance company name, model and year of vehicle, description of all damage caused, and pictures of the accident and all involved vehicles.
  • Once you have safely returned home, you must call your insurance agent. Some insurance companies have stricter deadlines than others, but making this call will ease your worries significantly as you pass on many of the responsibilities to your agent.

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