Stay Safe With These Fall Driving Tips & Auto Insurance

Stay Safe With These Fall Driving Tips & Auto InsuranceYour Carlisle, PA auto insurance and these fall driving tips can help you stay safe on the roads this season.

Fall is in full swing, bringing a crispness to the air and your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink back to your local coffee shop. It also brings new hazards on the road, though.

Stay safe behind this season with these fall driving tips and your Carlisle, PA auto insurance.

  • Track the sun. During the fall, morning comes later and evening earlier. The sun being at a different angle can make visibility more difficult during your daily commute; make sure you keep sunglasses in your car and slow down and use your headlight during twilight hours.
  • Watch for deer. Deer are more common the road this time of year; keep a careful eye out for them!
  • Drive slowly through leaves. Wet leaves on the road prevent your tires from getting any sort of traction. If there are leaves on the road, slow down and leave extra following room.

In addition to these tips, you need great Pennsylvania auto insurance to protect you on the road this fall. For the right coverage in Carlisle and the surrounding area, contact Miller Insurance Associates.