Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Winter Home Prep TipsGet your Carlisle, Pennsylvania home ready for the cooler weather!

Now that fall is officially in full swing in Pennsylvania, it’s time to prepare your home for upcoming winter months. Otherwise the cooler temperatures bring risks to our home’s exterior and monthly heating bills. This year, prep your home for winter to avoid high bills for damage repairs and ensure the safety of your home and family!

Utilize these tips to keep your home in tip-top condition through winter!

  • Tune up your heating system
  • Inspect the roof for damage or missing shingles
  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Remove leaves and debris from rain gutters
  • Ensure that all downspouts and drains are clear
  • Drain exterior faucets
  • Turn your ceiling fans counterclockwise to drive hot air downwards
  • Prune trees and shrubs outside of the home
  • Add insulation to your loft
  • Call a chimney sweep to inspect the chimney
  • Restock winter essentials in the home
  • Restock winter essentials in the car
  • Replenish emergency kit items
  • Review your home insurance!

For the quality home insurance coverage that your home needs and deserves, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Be sure to secure your home’s year-round protection with our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team!

Warm Up Your Car for Winter

Car care tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly through winter and beyond!

Heading out in a poorly maintained car in winter is a bad mistake to make. The winter weather brings cooler temperatures, deadly ice, and puts a huge strain on your vehicle. Regular maintenance is always advised, but pre-winter preparation is vital for your vehicle!

Use these tips to keep your ride running:

  • Get the engine evaluated for any drivability problems
  • Replace dirty filters such as air, fuel, and PVC
  • As the subzero temperatures approach, add a bottle of fuel deicer to your tank once a month
  • Change your oil and oil filter as specified
  • Check that the heater and defroster are in good working condition
  • Replace old wiper blades for best visibility
  • Have your battery checked by a professional
  • Inspect all lights and bulbs
  • Examine tires for wear, uneven tread, and any damage. Also check the tire pressure is at the recommended psi.
  • Ensure that your spare tire and jack are in good condition.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Always carry an emergency kit with you!

In addition, review your car insurance so that you maintain the correct coverage for your car. Don’t be left in the cold this winter! Contact Miller Insurance Associates, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the auto insurance that will keep you protected for every turn in the road.