Are You Safely Disposing Of Your Expired Prescriptions?

RX Drug DisposalCumberland County has many locations where you can safely get rid of RX drugs.

If you are like most of the general public, you probably have a couple of prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet that are expired. Before you simply throw them out or flush them down the toilet, take a look at this guide to help you properly dispose of them.

RX drug disposal has become a growing issue throughout the country, as studies continue to show detectable amounts of pharmaceuticals in water supplies. In 2008, Cumberland County Recycling and Waste teamed up with the Cumberland-Perry Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to help address the issue of drug disposal. Thanks to the partnership, there are now secure medicine return boxes located throughout Cumberland County, including multiple in Carlisle.

If you have prescription drugs that you need to get rid of, visit one of these medication take back box locations in the local area:

  • Carlisle Borough Police Department
  • Cumberland Co. Bureau of Justice Services
  • Cumberland County Courthouse
  • Cumberland County Human Services Building
  • Dickinson College Department of Public Safety (Kauffman Building)

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