Cellphone Etiquette: What Not to Do

Cellphone Etiquette: What Not to DoEveryone has a cellphone these days, and it seems that perhaps some people missed the memo on the Dos and Don’ts of cellphone use.

Smartphones are in everyone’s hand for nearly all hours of the day. Normally, this isn’t a problem on the streets, but when sitting at the kitchen table or secluded setting, phones can be a distraction for you and others around you. While we certainly don’t want to sound like senior citizens trying to lecture you about phone usage, there are some times where you must take other people’s into consideration because that’s what makes people a “good” person. Here are some situations in which you should put the phone in your pocket and keep it there.

  1. The movie theater. Nothing is more annoying than sitting in a theater and watching an emotional scene when all of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you see a bright flash of light that completely takes you out of the experience. Keep your phone away during the film, and if you must reply to a text, have the common decency to walk out of the theater to complete your task.
  1. The volume. Don’t yell when you’re on the phone. The person you’re talking to will still be able to hear you if you speak at a normal volume. No one wants to hear your affairs because, frankly, they don’t care, and just want to continue living their lives.
  2. Respect those with whom you are with. When you’re engaged face-to-face with others, either in a meeting, keep your phone down. Giving people your undivided attention is something that not many people do nowadays.

Simply using common decency should be enough of a guide to all cellphone users. No one is entirely innocent when it comes to using phones at the wrong time, but the more aware we are, the better we can end this annoyance. For more tips on how to remain healthy and safe during this month and beyond, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We’ll work with you to get you the best health insurance policy that meets all of your need.