Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Do You Need It?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Do You Need It?

When you hire a nanny, babysitter, or a caregiver of any sort, do you need workers’ compensation to cover the liability?

When you have an employee under your services like a housekeeper, senior caregiver, or nanny, having workers’ compensation can offer the protection you need if that employee gets injured while on the job. Your nanny can step on an unmerciful LEGO brick, your housekeeper can fall down a flight of stairs, the caregiver may pull their back trying to pull your parent from bed; the possibilities of injury are near endless. When you hire a caregiver, make sure that you have the right workers’ compensation under your policy.

  1. Why Have Workers’ Compensation?

Only about half of all states in the U.S. require that employers own workers’ compensation. Because of this, these employers may think that they don’t need this policy. Workers’ compensation can help take care of the employee, but more importantly, it works as a financial shield for you.

  1. What Happens if the Caregiver Gets Hurt?

If your employee gets injured while they are on the job, you must alert your carrier and include the necessary information like date, location, time, names, and contact information. The insurance carrier will take care of the medical bills, up to the limit, and even give the employee money for lost wages.

  1. Why Can’t I just Pay the Medical Bills?

Nothing is stopping you, but it’s just not the way things are done. Just offering to cover the medical costs to take care of the injury and save you the claim may come back to hurt you. If your employee’s injuries recur or flare up, you may have to deal with even more bills.

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Caregiver Theft: What You Need To Know

Caregiver Theft: What You Need To KnowHow To Avoid Caregiver Theft

When you welcome a caregiver into your home, you give them an immense amount of trust. Not only are you allowing that person into your house and giving him or her access to all of your personal possessions, you are also relying on him or her to help you maintain your quality of life.

That is why it is especially disconcerting when a caregiver commits theft. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to avoid this scenario.

Individuals, if you will not be hiring your caregiver through an agency, make sure you do thorough homework. First, make sure that any caregiver your hire has gone through a background test. Also, secure multiple references for him or her. If your caregiver cannot readily supply a handful of references, that should be a red flag.

Agencies, make sure your theft policy is clearly defined and communicated to your staff. Also, ensure your background check process is thorough and your bonding policy is up to date.

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