Understanding The Best Agent For Your Needs

Insurance Agency Carlisle PACaptive vs. Independent Insurance Agents

No, a captive agent is not a spy who has been taken by enemy forces. A captive agent is an insurance professional who only works with one insurance provider. An independent agent, on the other hand, works with multiple providers. Here are a few ways an independent agent can best serve you.

  • More Options: A captive agent will only be able to show you policies from one provider. An independent agent can show you multiple policies from multiple providers, making it easier to find the best coverage for your needs.
  • More Savings: Similarly, because an independent agent has access to policies from multiple providers, he or she can shop quotes from multiple companies in order to find you the most competitive pricing on your coverage.
  • More Protection: Your insurance coverage will not be very helpful if you cannot figure out how to properly file your claim. Independent agents are industry experts committed to serving you—instead of a big provider—and can help you file your claim and advocate for you if need be.

You deserve to work with an independent insurance agent who is working for you, not a provider. Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle to connect with an independent Pennsylvania agent today!