Carlisle: One Of The Best Cities For Walking!

Carlisle: One Of The Best Cities For Walking!Love walking? Carlisle is for you!

According to MONEY magazine, Carlisle Borough is one of the top 5 places in the country for people who would prefer to walk or ride their bike to work.

To determine the most pedestrian-friendly locations, MONEY looks at 1,900 different towns and cities. Across the nation, only 1 percent of the population in any given town or city bikes to work, and only 3 percent walks. In order to be eligible for this top 5 ranking, the location had to show that they had at least 18 percent of their population getting to work by their own power.

Carlisle is only going to get better for bikers and walkers, too. Not only is the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail just a mile outside the Borough, bike lanes to connect the Borough and this trail are in progress.

Cities and towns in which more people walk and bike to work also show lower levels of serious health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

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