Drone Insurance Q & A

Drone Insurance Q & A

Drones are a very neat piece of technology, but do you know if you’re covered should an accident occur?

If you or any family member owns a drone, it would be very smart to check with your homeowners insurance agent to check if you’re covered for any mishaps that may occur with your remote controlled flying contraption. These commonly asked questions should let you know what steps to take when inquiring about drones and insurance.

Q: If the child operates the drone, am I covered?

A: It depends. If the drone was a toy that was intended to be used as a hobby, you need to look at your homeowners insurance policy for any liability claims that could be made against you. Many policies would cover your liability if they were to injure a third party.

Q: What happens if the drone damages a car?

A: While often subject to a deductible, your coverage will protect you should you (or your child) lose control of the drone and damage a vehicle.

Q: If I intend to use my drone for business purposes, am I covered for that?

A: Probably not. Liability coverage is generally excluded from your homeowners insurance when it comes to your business. Speak to your insurance agent to see what commercial insurance is available for your drone.

We apologize for droning on about insurance, but it’s always best to be informed. Now go out and play! For all of your homeowners insurance needs to ensure you have the right liability coverage, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Get a Better Understanding: What Makes a Balanced Insurance Program

Get a Better Understanding: What Makes a Balanced Insurance Program

A well-balanced insurance program is the best way to get your insurance to work for you, instead of against you.

There are some major risks that you take on the second you become a homeowner that never go away. Should they happen, you may be in some major financial trouble. They include the following: major medical bills, destruction to your residence, major damage or destruction of your residence, major lawsuits, disability, and more.

Your insurance program lies in the balance of each of these major risks without spending too much in one area or the other.

Being in balance is very important. For example, one may have a good medical plan with high limits, but no coverage in the long-term disability sector. They may have $1 million for the one that brings home the bacon, but have nothing for the one that sets the table. Their home may be fully covered, but have only $100,000 for lawsuits and no umbrella policy.

Having the right insurance agent is critical for the having the correct policy. By having the right agent, they are able to tell you whether or not you are being covered in the right places, or paying too much for something you don’t really need.

For all of your homeowners insurance needs to ensure you have the right slip and fall liability coverage and balance, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Snowplow Safety Tips For Winter!

Snowplow Safety Carlisle, PAAvoid an accident on winter roads with these tips.

Cold winter temperatures mean snow covered roads and snowplows. To help you stay safe when driving behind a snowplow this season, keep these snowplow safety tips in mind.

  • As soon as you see a snowplow up ahead, begin to slow down. Plows typically travel no faster than 20 miles per hour, so the sooner you start to slow down, the less likely you are to get into an accident.
  • Stay a safe distance behind plows. Snowplow drivers cannot see directly behind the truck, therefore staying further back gives them a better chance to see you.
  • Never pass a plow until it is safe and legal to do so. Be patient and make sure the plow driver can see you before you try to go around.
  • Never pass a snowplow on the right. Some plows have a wing flow, which is a large extension on the right side of the truck.
  • Plows remove much more than just snow from roads. They can also spread rocks and other debris. Stay a safe distance away from the plow to prevent any damage to your vehicle.

For all of your auto insurance needs to keep you safe on winter roads, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Identifying – And Avoiding – Your Own Aggressive Driving

Identifying - And Avoiding - Your Own Aggressive DrivingAggressive drivers, use this guide to vent your frustration and save on Carlisle, PA auto insurance.

Driving can be frustrating. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s appropriate or safe to vent your annoyance out on the road. Are you an aggressive driver? If you answer yes to these questions, odds are high you are:

  • When you see a yellow light, your first instinct is to accelerate.
  • When a driver in front of you is too slow, you tailgate.
  • When a light turns green and people don’t drive right away, you lay on your horn.

Does this sound like you? If so, use these tips to combat your tendency to act aggressively and unsafely on the road!

  • Leave with lots of time to get to your destination.
  • Try not to drive when traffic is heavy.
  • Put on music, a book on tape, or the news to distract yourself.
  • Learn breathing exercises to use when you start to feel frustrated.
  • Learn how much you can save on your car insurance by avoiding an accident!

The great news is that getting a handle on your aggressive driving will help you avoid accidents, which will help you avoid high auto insurance premiums! To learn more about how you can pay less for your Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates.

Protection By Your Pool: Summer Safety Tips

Pool Insurance Carlisle PAEnjoy A Stress-Free Summer With This Guide

As a pool owner, you look forward to the summer. Not only does it mean you get a reprieve from the harsh Pennsylvania winter we just experienced, it also means you can soak up some sun and relax in your own yard. So that you can enjoy your summer poolside without worry, implement these pool safety tips.

  • So that no one ever falls into your pool by accident, erect a perimeter fence around it that is at least four feet high and has a self-closing, self-latching gate.
  • Use touch supervision with small children. In other words, never be further than an arm’s reach away from those who are still learning to swim, even when they are using flotation devices.
  • Invest in plastic cups to use by the pool so no broken glass ever ends up poolside—or, worse yet, in the pool—where people are likely to be barefoot.
  • Keep flotation devices, reach poles, and a first aid kit where they can be easily access in an emergency.

Another crucial aspect of setting protections in place as a pool owner is ensuring your Carlisle homeowners insurance offers sufficient coverage. To talk to an insurance expert to ensure you have the policy you need, contact Miller Insurance Associates.