Slowing Down Can Save Money and Lives

While most people have busy lives and are usually in a rush to get somewhere, it is important to remember to slow down. Taking a little more time when trying to get somewhere can help save you money, as well as save lives.

Getting caught speeding can end up costing you more than just the time it takes for a police officer to write you a ticket. A speeding ticket could end up causing you hundreds of dollars to pay. Speeding tickets will also cause your auto insurance premiums to go up, costing you even more money. The ticket can stay on your record for years, which means you could be paying extra every month for years. Driving at a safe pace can help you save money in all these different areas.

Speeding can also cause serious injury or death to not only you, but to other drivers around you. Speed is a factor in more than 30 percent of all fatal car crashes, and a factor in almost 20 percent of non-injury accidents. Making sure you slow down can help prevent any unnecessary injuries to you and the others who are sharing the road.

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