Safety Tips When Trying to Catch ‘Em All With Pokémon GO

Safety Tips When Trying to Catch ‘Em All With Pokémon GOAt long last, the moment Millennials have been waiting for; after 20 years comes an interactive and virtual Pokémon game.

There are Pokémon among us–albeit virtual. They’re in our parks, streets, grocery stores, restaurants, homes, and even in our beaches. Millions of people have downloaded the game and gone outside to catch these pocket monsters. Pokémon GO augments reality to show the creatures in real-world locations using smartphone cameras and GPS. If you decide to become a true Pokémon Master and “catch ‘em all,” be sure to follow these safety tips.

  1. Be Alert and Aware. You obviously don’t want to let that Snorlax go, but you also don’t want to walk into traffic or off a cliff; so keep your gameplay contained to parks and open spaces. Be aware of who’s around you and try to keep your eyes off the screen while walking.
  2. Don’t “Mon-go” and Drive. In the wise words of Professor Oak, “There’s a time and a place for everything.” When you’re driving, pay attention to the road–not your screen. It only takes one glance at your phone to react slowly to traffic up ahead and be involved in a potentially nasty collision.
  3. Careful for Lures at Night. Lures are special drop zones which attract Pokémon. They are generally at parks, cafes, and other places where one would hang out. While fun during the day, at night they could be traps. Always be wary when going to a lure at night because you never know who set it.

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