Properly Insuring Your Graduate

Having a child leave for college or one that is returning home from school can mean lots of changes for your household. Along with the major life change that goes along with college, it is important to look into your child’s insurance coverage to make sure they are properly covered for the new phase of their life.

Having the proper health insurance can help ensure that your child can get the proper medical care while away at school, as well as when they come back home. There are many options that are available to college age children, including:

  • Staying on a parent’s plan. Most insurance companies allow students to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they are 26.
  • School health plan. Many schools offer special health insurance plans for students by working with an insurance company.
  • Purchase catastrophic coverage. People under the age of 30 have the option to buy catastrophic health insurance, which will provide coverage for any major health problem.

When it comes time to ensure that you child has the best health insurance coverage during this exciting time in their lives, contact Miller Insurance Services. They can also provide the most comprehensive auto insurance for your new college or high school graduate.