Make Your Wi-Fi Secure At Home

Make Your Wi-Fi Secure At HomeYour Wi-Fi can easily be made secure without too much effort on your end.

Your home or small business’s wireless network comes with security but it’s not going to work unless you turn it on. Unfortunately, there’s not a switch on the back of the router that will make it secure—nothing comes that easy. The software we’re looking for, already included in the majority of routers, is called WPA, WPA2, or WEP which will randomly generate an encrypted network key which will make it very, very difficult to hack. This key is required in order to access your wireless network, meaning that each device will have be configured with that one key. After that, however, it’s automatic. We recommend going with WPA2 as it’s the newest in Internet security technology.

These security features are essential in our 21st century world where literally everything is connected to the Internet—from your phone, to your shoes, and even to pacemakers. If you don’t have these security features, anyone will be able to piggyback on your network and—to make matters worse—if they even have a simple background in computer science, they’ll have access to all of your security files and passwords. And we don’t have to tell you all the consequences of having your credit card information stolen, do we? Even if they don’t have a background and have hacking experience they’re still using your Internet for free, and no one likes being taken advantage of.

When it comes to your Wi-Fi, it’s good to be as secure as can be, especially when it comes to your private and secure information. For all of your homeowners or business insurance needs to ensure you have the right cyber liability coverage, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.