It’s Snowing—What Does My Home Insurance Cover?

From ice damage to snow removal, here’s what you can expect from your homeowners insurance this winter.It’s Snowing—What Does My Home Insurance Cover?

If you live in an area that routinely experiences snowfall and freezing temperatures, you know that these extreme weather conditions pose a considerable risk to your home. While you probably have homeowners insurance in place, you might not know what your policy covers. Here’s what your home insurance will and will not cover this winter.


Luckily, standard home insurance offers a wide array of coverages that may come in handy this winter. For instance, your homeowners policy will offer coverage for the damages that your home and personal possessions sustain during a storm. This includes the damages caused by lightning strikes and wind. Here’s a list of some of the things your home policy will cover this winter:

  • Damage caused by hail
  • Damage caused by wind
  • Damage caused by fallen trees
  • Damage caused by the formation of ice dams
  • Damage to your home’s roof
  • Damage caused by frozen and burst pipes (Note: this coverage doesn’t always come standard)

In addition to this coverage, your policy will also offer you personal liability coverage and loss of use coverage in the event that storm damage is so extensive that you are forced to temporarily live elsewhere.

Not Covered

While your homeowners insurance does offer you a relatively comprehensive list of coverages, you don’t have coverage for every risk that your home faces. For instance, if snow accumulates on your roof and on your property, your insurance will not offer coverage to take care of its removal. Snow removal is seen as the homeowners responsibility and therefore not under your insurer’s jurisdiction. The only time you may have coverage for ice and snow removal is if it needs to be removed as part of a covered repair. Even in this scenario, policyholders may have to pay for this removal out of pocket.

Another major risk that your homeowners insurance will not protect against is flood damage. If you would like to secure coverage against flood damages to your home, you will need to get a specialty flood insurance policy.

This what your homeowners insurance will and will not cover this winter. Are you looking to secure the right coverages to protect your home and belongings? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our expert team is ready to get you covered today.