Is Your Home Protected From Pests?

Is Your Home Protected From Pests?The Spotted Lanternfly Makes Its Debut In The United States

You may remember building your bug collection in Biology class in high school and marveling at all of the different types of insects this great state has to offer. Unfortunately, the Spotted Lanternfly is invading Pennsylvania’s natural insect kingdom. Originally a native of Asia, these insects have been identified in the United States for the first time.

While the US is a melting pot usually welcoming to outsiders, this insect is one we should be seeking to eradicate. Appearing moth-like, with one pair of tan wings spotted with black and a second pair of red, white, and black wings, this creature poses a threat to local vegetation.

The grape, apple, and stone fruit industries bring in over $175 million for the state’s economy, but are at risk for being destroyed as these pests eat their way through them. Furthermore, the state’s pine and hardwood industries—which bring in $12 billion of annual revenue—could be affected.  Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your insurance needs in Pennsylvania. Call us today to secure great homeowners insurance and, with it, peace of mind.