“Can You Hear Me?” – The Newest Phone Scam

"Can You Hear Me?" The Newest Phone Scam

If you receive a phone call and the person on the other side of the call asks, “Can you hear me?” it would be wise to hang up immediately.

“Can you hear me?” used to be the slogan of Verizon, but now it is the latest phone scam going around the U.S. If you receive a call from an unknown or blocked number and someone asks, “Can you hear me?” it is best to hang up. Why? Because you may be the next potential victim of that scam.

The purpose of the scam is to get you, or the one who answers to say “yes.” The scammer records you saying the affirmative, and then uses it to authorize unwanted charges on a credit card, phone, or utility bill.

You may be asking yourself, “How can the fraudsters authorize a payment if I have not given away my card number or payment method?” Well, the con artist already has your phone number and many phone providers can pass through third-party charges.

Another possibility in which they can authorize unwanted charges on your credit card is that they may already have collected some of your personal information–through a thrown-out credit card bill, perhaps–and only requires your voice to authorize payments. Then when you dispute the charge, the bank can counter that they have your consent on a recorded line. This will make your case to clear your name that much harder.

If you need assistance disputing a false or unauthorized credit card charge, you need to get in contact with the Federal Trade Commission. If, however, the charge was made to your phone bill, it is the Federal Communications Commission that regulates phone bill fraud, or “cramming.”

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