How to Fly a Drone (Without Being a Jerk)

How to Fly a Drone (Without Being a Jerk)

Drones are the newest technology for which the public has gone crazy, but many are forgetting common decency and fly these machines without thinking of others. Don’t be a jerk.

Drones are a marvelous technology that allow the average person to release their inner-Amelia Earhart. These aerial machines give normal people and professionals the opportunity to take aerial photographs, make highly accurate maps and models, and just have blast flying them around, getting a bird’s-eye view of their world.

But even the most well-meaning flying robot aficionado may find themselves making some grave social etiquette mistakes. Whether it’s flying over your neighbor’s yard or showing up to someone’s baby shower making the fatal mistake of assuming the mother-to-be will be just as excited as you are. Here’s how to fly a drone without being the most hated person in your neighborhood (you’ll thank us later).

  1. Ask to Bring Your Drone Before You Bring Your Drone
    You may think your drone is “like the coolest thing ever,” but you also may find that’s not a universally shared opinion. Drones may scare pets and annoy people in the house who do not want to hear a constant BUZZ in the atmosphere.
  2. Don’t Fly Them Over Crowds
    The Federal Aviation Administration does not recommend that hobby and recreational drone pilots fly their drones over crowds of people. The reason? Possible injury. While drones are reliable pieces of machinery, there is always a chance the battery will die and land on a person.
  3. Don’t Fly Over Private Property
    People like their privacy and a mechanical drone with a camera hovering over their home is something that many people may find in violation of that privacy. Before you fly overhead, ask your neighbors if it’s OK to do so.

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