Creating the Perfect Home Inventory

Home Inventory Carlisle, PA
Follow these tips to help you create a home inventory.

You buy homeowners insurance to protect your biggest asset – your home. However, before you start enjoying your coverage, you need to make sure that all of your personal belongings are protected with a complete home inventory. Keep these tips in mind to help you create a home inventory.

  • A written home inventory can work to keep all of your assets safe, as long as you complete it. If you are making a written home inventory, make sure to open all closets and drawers to ensure you mark down each and every item you own.
  • Creating a home inventory with pictures or video will make it much easier. Simply walk through each room and document everything you see, as well as their values.

You should always have at least two copies of your home inventory, with one being stored at a different location other than your house, such as a lock box at your bank. Any proof of value, such as receipts or appraisals should be included in your inventory to ensure you have the right amount of coverage.

For all of your home insurance needs to ensure you have the protection you deserve, contact the insurance professionals at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.