Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Winter Holiday Decoration SafetyStay Safe with These Holiday Decorating Tips

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it is time to put up all of your festive holiday decorations. Before beautifying your home, it is important to make sure that you know how to safely decorate. Keep these holiday decorating tips in mind to ensure that your home is both festive and safe, all season long!

  • When choosing the right holiday decorations for your house, make sure to choose ones that are flame retardant or flame resistant.
  • Keep all candles away from decorations and other flammable materials such as furniture, curtains, and clothing to ensure a fire does not start.
  • Before hanging lights, check to make sure that they are not worn or broken. Throw out any lights that are not working properly.
  • Do not use nails to hang lights to avoid damaging the cords. Instead, use plastic clips to ensure that all of your cords stay protected.
  • Some lights are only for outdoor or indoor use. Make sure to use the right lights in the right places in your home to stay secure!

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