Heat Efficiency in Your Home

Heat Efficiency in Your HomeEfficiency makes the world go round, how efficiently do you use your heat?

Many homeowners look at their energy bill each month around winter time and think, how can I be spending this much when the house isn’t even that warm? The answer to this question lies within the answer to other questions. Questions based on efficiency and heat transfer will get you to efficiently use the heat in your home to lower your energy bill.

  • When is the heater on? If you’re keeping the house at the same temperature all day and night, your energy bill is going to skyrocket. Program your heater to a lower temperature while you’re at work, and to heat when you get home.
  • Am I maintaining my system? Changing the air filter is extremely important to keep the efficiency at optimal level. A dirty filter can cause the heater to exert itself more than it has to and use more energy to heat your home.
  • Where is the warm air going? The universe always moves towards a state of high entropy, meaning disorder. Chaos. When you pour cream into your coffee the cream doesn’t stay in one spot, no, it disperses itself throughout the entire mug. The same concept applies: the warm (high-energy) air wants to move outside of your home and disperse within the outdoors. If your home is not properly insulated, heat will escape and keep the cold air continuing its flow into your home.

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