The Latest About Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Carlisle PAWhat You Need To Know About Health Care This Year

As of January 21st, 2015 422,284 Pennsylvania residents had signed up for coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Whether you are one of those who took advantage of the recent open enrollment period or have coverage through work or another means, it pays to stay up to date on the way health care is changing in the United States. Here is an update on marketplace coverage.

  • In 2014, Pennsylvanians had 14 insurance issuers to choose from and a total of 41 plans as options. In 2015, they had 15 issuers and 50 plans.
  • During the first month of open enrollment (from November 15th to December 15th, 2014), 79 percent of Pennsylvanians who applied for marketplace coverage were eligible for tax credits to make their health insurance more affordable.
  • As of December 2014, 69 percent of Pennsylvanians who secured marketplace coverage were able to pay $100 or less a month after tax credits are applied for their 2015 coverage.

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