Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

Keep your furry friends safe this Halloween!

The constant ringing of the doorbell and the screams of “trick-or-treat!” is enough to rile up even the most relaxed pet on Halloween.  Make sure your dog, cat, or other pet stays safe this Halloween by keeping these safety tips in mind.

Keep pets away from the door.

Though you may hate the idea of confining your pet, keeping your pet away from the front door is really in their best interest.  All the commotion of Halloween might overexcite your pet and could cause them dart out the front door or even start to snap at people.  This Halloween, don’t take any risks and just keep your pets away from the front door.

Keep outdoor cats inside.

Halloween is a notoriously dangerous time for cats.  Unfortunately, vicious people use Halloween as an excuse to harm cats.  In the days leading up to Halloween and a few nights after, make sure you keep your cat inside.  While they may get restless and beg to go out, just remember that they’re much safer at home with you.

Don’t feed your pets candy.

While candy and other Halloween goodies are delicious treats for humans, they are not pet friendly.  No matter how hard your furry friend begs for a bite of your chocolate bar, make sure you don’t give in.  Dogs and cats cannot process chocolate and even a small amount can be deadly.

Watch out for candles around your pets.

If you are decorating your home this Halloween, make sure you avoid using candles or other fire elements.  All it takes is a particularly exuberant tail wag or a mischievous swat of the paw to send a lit candle flying towards the carpet.  Do yourself, your pets, and your home a favor and say no to candles inside your home.

This Halloween, make sure all your pets stay safe by following this advice.  To keep your furry friends safe on Halloween and all year long, make sure they are protected with the right insurance.  To get the coverage your pets deserve, contact the professionals at Miller Insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Our friendly team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.