Gaps in Your Home Insurance You May Not Know About

Potential gaps in your home insurance that could be costing you.

Having the right homeowners insurance is just as important as having homeowners insurance. One of the biggest reasons that people don’t always have the right coverage is because insurance policies are not the easiest to navigate through. Here are some common and potential gaps that you should talk to your agent about.

Non-Covered Disasters: Things like earthquakes, floods, and sewage back-ups are all disasters that are not covered.

Home Office: If your business is located in your home, depending on the size of your business and what/how much you provide, it may not be covered.

Rebuilding: If, like Dorothy, your home is blown away—or it is destroyed in some other fashion—do you really have enough coverage to rebuild brick by brick?

High Priced Items: If your home is not as well protected from robbers as Kevin McCallister’s was in “Home Alone,” and your high-priced valuables get stolen, those may not be covered!

Make sure there are no gaps in your homeowners insurance policy you can fall through. For the quality home insurance coverage that your home needs and deserves, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Be sure to secure your home’s year-round protection with our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team!